Monday, February 1, 2016

Lacking Qualifications

This is pulled from the muck bucket labeled "You Cannot Make This Up" often known as "DeKalb County." DeKalb has become such an odious crock that even some who shat in it can no longer abide the stench even though Dad pointed at some of them saying "you did that, didn't you?"

Dad was mad. And that led to further investigation such that the bad little shats said they'd clean the crock. So they established a DeKalb Audit Oversight Committee. Not cleaning the whole crock, but at least skimming the floaters.

But as smart betters would wager it devolved into Good Ole DeKalb Politics. One of the appointers to this committee, Senator Gloria Butler, D-Stone Mountain, appointed Harmel Codi to a five year gig on the Audit Committee. But... After the deadline for making the appointment but before the first Committee meeting Butler had an epiphany--what polite folks call "got her panties in a wad"--and decided that Codi had undergone a sudden and tragic transformation making Codi unacceptable. Butler rescinded the appointment.

What is interesting is not that Codi has been outspoken in support of Lee May moving on but that Butler claims Codi does not possess the minimum qualifications for the position. This leaves even the casual observer wondering what qualifications Codi has permanently misplaced. Certainly Butler is not now saying that Butler herself was unqualified to qualify an appointee to the Committee, right? Wouldn't that be political suicide? Perhaps in most places, but not in DeKalb where open admissions of incompetence by elected officials is little more than stating the obvious. After all it only takes an appropriate level of melanin, the right kind of mouthiness and an affinity for cameras to get elected in DeKalb.