Thursday, February 4, 2016

Million Dollar View

There is a second, more viable, proposal for McCondos for Old Farts in the dilapidating low rise office park on the Parkway. Prices are likely to start in the mid-700's but with added upgrades and an elevator a $1M price tag is not out of reach.

Depending on the unit an owner is a short lift ride away from a window sporting a view something like this.

That's right. One million dollars to look at the arse-end of a decaying US Post Office. The salt in this wound is that the USPS attempted to close this office consolidating operations at the delivery facility on Shallowford near 285 an industrial area where such views are more in context. Folks who claim to be more Dunwoody than you would have none of it, claiming that where they are from, so long ago, the center of any city was anchored by the post office. The USPS caved to pressure closing the Shallowford facility moving those operations to daVille. As a result the Dunwoody Green Market (yes, there once was a farmer's market in Dunwoody) lost use of the USPS side parking lot and you get to pay a fortune to enjoy the sights and sounds of the USPS in all its glory.