Thursday, February 11, 2016

It's Not About The Toilet Seat

You know how the story goes:
The gal gets up in the middle of the night heading to the bathroom to get some business done. She keeps it dark to avoid full awake and sits on the toilet. Except she all but falls in because the guy who'd visited earlier left the toilet seat up.

The guy may get a righteous raking over the coals. Or he may not. And it won't be related to whether or not the 'mode went full bidet. If the guy thinks really hard he just might figure out he'd done something earlier that really rubbed her the wrong way. He gets ripped a new one, but it isn't really about the toilet seat.

Here in daVille our toilet seat is called "theater." In this case the building, not so much the playas. Some power players have noted that Dunwoody has a theater,  albeit in need of repair, over at Brook Run. You know, where the doggies run, the skaters skate and the swingers swoop thru the trees. Oh, and the interstate lane the politicos like to call a "multi-use-trail" wends its way over there. That's also where the food trucks swarm when it is warm enough for swarming. Sounds like the perfect place for additional structured leisure activity, doesn't it?

Well, maybe not.

Opponents of renovating the existing theater are quick to talk about costs and bring up the asbestos boogey man. Not so quick to compare the renovation costs to even the land acquisition for another site. That's right, some have questioned if Brook Run is the right location suggesting that the reuse, recycle, repurpose mantra of the greenies is just so much rubbish. If you boil away the talking points about cost it really comes down to location because locating elsewhere requires acquiring very expensive land.  Which isn't to say the City hasn't noodled around in real estate before.

Some who want a well-rounded community center (as in City Hall/Community Center/Theater) cannot envision a City Hall that is far removed from the center of money and power : Perimeter Center. One must also consider that Police are not moving out of the Perimeter area if for no other reason than having to drive through too much traffic to get to their Mall jobs. Of course no one at City Hall cares if the mere Citizens of Dunwoody have to drive through that crap.

Until the proponents of the Brook Run Theater understand it isn't about the toilet seat they are not part of the real conversation and will end up watching City Hall ram thru something completely different.