Thursday, August 17, 2017

Exceptional Students

Students must believe they are exceptional because they are always asking for exceptions. It has been going on for decades but has become all but universal recently. They've gone from the first day of class notification that they "are an 'A' student" to threatening to gang up for career-killing course reviews. It is not an idle threat.  Before launching the nuclear option they will demand "extra credit" oblivious to the fact they've not bothered to do the work required of "usual" credit. Once their god-given right to an 'A' seems threatened they run to the department head on their way to the dean. If the institution has integrity the entitled darlings will then provoke their parents to intervene usually leading to a discussion of FERPA.

But if a Prof really wants to screw with their little self-esteems it is easier than one might imagine. All you have to do is tell them they can have whatever grade they want. Don't want to do the work? Don't do it. Take an 'A'. Don't like the project team you're in? Get out. Take an 'A'. Upset because your loopy candidate lost an election? No problem. Take some down time. Oh, and take an 'A'. Turns out the entitled little snots find this 'Take an A' policy insulting. Almost as if the professor is telling them their work ethic sucks, they haven't learned and aren't likely to start any time soon and yet still expect an 'A'. It only hurts because it is true. But they want the transactional appearance of "earning a grade" when in fact they have no intention of doing half the work needed to earn a 'C' a mere thirty years ago.

And the University is in on it. Like any other business it is grow or die. Expand at all costs even if it means lower standards for entry as well as retention. A society that believes a college degree is a pre-req for success is not going to resist the decline past mediocrity into absolute educational fraud. Yet the school doth protest:
"The syllabus did not conform with the university's rigorous expectations and policy regarding academic standards for grading. Rest assured, this ill-advised proposal will not be implemented in any Terry classroom."
As an academic endeavour Business must be laser focused because this statement clearly ignores the history of the University. Turns out the University has a documented history of passing out grades without necessarily handing out tests. Passing grades for ball passers. And this University is not alone. The practice is nationwide. And now it is being expanded from money-making athletics to money-taking academics. All this professor did is what was done before: expose today's 'education'  for the sham it has become.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Trail Of Tears

The Georgia GOP, who otherwise advocate free-market economic policies, have come out against legalized gambling offering this nugget as justification:
legalizing gambling could open the door "for any Indian tribe to venue shop for property to open casinos" around the state
Really, Kemo Sabe? You mean like your forefathers venue-shopped the Cherokee to a distant state or a nearby grave? Do you really find it that offensive that descendants of the original inhabitants might return, buy back their land and operate a business offering a much-wanted service paying taxes, to you, all along the way? Or are you just protecting your gambling business from legitimate competition?

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Unenforced Ordinances

Someone with the City was noted for openly pondering why anyone would pass an ordinance that would go unenforced. Perhaps this was rhetorical. Perhaps it was just a thought, meant to remain unspoken, that escaped. Perhaps it was a sincere though naive question from someone new to government in the U.S. and this burg in particular. These ordinances are being used by politicians and bureaucrats to create a totalitarian government destroying what our country's founders intended as a free society.

In his book, The Permission Society: How the Ruling Class Turns Our Freedoms into Privileges and What We Can Do About It, author Timothy Sandefur identifies the radical innovation our country was found upon: personal liberty derived from inalienable rights and bolstered by self-evident truths.  He then spends the rest of the book chronicling how politicians and state bureaucrats have whittled away at these liberties creating an authoritarian state King George III would envy. One of the most powerful weapons in the statists' arsenal is the at-will enforcement of laws, regulations and ordinances. The ruling class attacks their foes, including you, cutting with both edges of this sword.

At-will enforcement pushed the power of judge and jury to the edges of the ruling class allowing officers and bureaucrats to punish or persecute those who meet with their disapproval. Look no further than Dunwoody's Police Department with a Driving While Black policy so egregious it put the City on the losing end of court cases. Or the City lawyer who took it upon himself to berate and threaten a taxpayer who hired goats to clear his property of weeds and brush because by the lawyer's assessment the property owner infringed on government dictated right-of-way. The other edge is the "don't ask-don't tell" approach to ordinances espoused by at least one member of Council. This allows members of the ruling class, Staff, Mayor and Council, to curry favor with Friends and Family in private and business sectors. The potential for filling campaign coffers or securing personal wealth is no disincentive to this practice.

If you believe the deflective ruse that at-will enforcement is really on-complaint then put it to the test.  Report speeding in school zones expecting serious, effective enforcement and you will be disappointed. Try that with trucks in a no-truck zone and you'll get a dismissive email about insufficient infractions to justify police attention. If you get anything. Try as you might you will find nothing but a City devoted to destroying what our fathers brought forth on this continent.

Monday, August 7, 2017

It's All Your Fault

In his tenure as DeKalb School's chief Michael Thurmond started riffing on the notion that public schools were just fine and the real problem was failures in the communities they serve. Green and his administration brought deflective blame-the-society, blame-the-community to a crescendo complete with pep rallies and self-congratulatory billboards. This strategy does not supersede or obsolete the tried and true tactic of trotting out the teacher-proof student as a shining example of public schools' capabilities. In fact, a staunch proponent of public schools, the AJC is doubling down.

In a recent posting it is suggested that the success of public schools is due to work ethic, another external factor and yet somehow crediting schools, and not the external actors with that success. The author dances a jig around racial issues by singling out successful east asian families, Tiger Parents and their Tiger Cubs, for the high priority they place on academic achievement and the work they devote to that achievement. The posting paints a picture of "this is how public schools can work for you"--dedicated, devoted parents with high expectations taking primary responsibility for their children's care and education using the public schools as one of many tools at their disposal.

The author pulls up short in any examination of the primary and subordinate roles of the featured actors lest the argument backfire exposing that these academic success stories have little to do with public schools or their wrap-around services and bloated administrations. This would required poking around in Tiger Mom's toolkit. Music schools--violin, piano not Sousaphone and marching bands. Math programs--Kumon, Mathnasium, the Art of Problem Solving as teaching mathematics was abandoned decades ago by public schools in favor of "math concepts." Summer math, robotics and computer science camps. Perhaps, depending on what part of "East Asia" the Tigers come from there may be some soccer involved. World of Warcraft? Maybe not so much.

And then the author would need to explore how this works. How does the Tiger Parent find the programs? How do they choose between them? What does the student's schedule look like? You can cite directed, funded research to fill the page, but in Atlanta many folks know or are Tiger Parents. You may start with a beginning keyboard program advancing to smaller studio lessons based on Tiger Referrals, studio visits and recitals. Similar approaches are used to select the math programs, summer experiences and online education where Tiger Cubs acquire their educations. The key element here is why proponents of public schools avoid all but a passing examination of Tiger Families: they have choices and they make choices. Choice is a wooden stake thru the heart of vampiric public schools.

So just how does this all turn out? Well, you can get an immediate sense by googling Kumon locations noting where they are and perhaps more importantly where they are not. Now if you believe they are missing in south DeKalb because the schools in that part of the system are doing such a wonderful job that a market doesn't exist then you need to check some facts. To Thurmond and Green's original point, there are no supplementary educational operations in that community because there is insufficient demand. This drives the on-going wave of self-segregation with Tiger Parents putting miles and sometimes school districts between themselves, and their children, and those suffering from an Elektra complex with regards to paternalistic governments, including schools. Since it is politically impossible for even a concentration of Tiger Parents to break the stranglehold public schools have on education tax dollars they will leverage their political power to ensure that "working for the children" is more than a platitude. If the best teachers, measurably better than others, are not teaching their children there will be changes. This self-segregation and political pressure will continue until the system modernizes giving Tiger Families complete control over the full spectrum of education options. 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Dunning-Kruger Effect

The Wikipedia entry on the Dunning-Kruger Effect should include a picture of Dunwoody--Staff, Council, Mayor--the whole schmear. They, like all governments, work diligently to avoid transparency but many-a-time their disdain for competence shines a light. Take this faux-transparency on the Smart City website.

Pretty cool, huh? Who knew this City had any ethics let alone such an abundance that a Board is required to keep up with it? Only one problem with this. See that puke-green text "Ethics Ordinance?" That is one of them-there fancy "hyperlinks." You know, the kind that takes you to another web page. Only this one takes you down a rat hole.

Turns out Dunwoody doesn't have an Ethics Ordinance. Or maybe they do and just don't want anyone to know what it is. Or maybe, just maybe, they are hopelessly mired in the early phase of the of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Thursday, July 27, 2017

School Silly Season

In preparation for the upcoming school start dates all the sayers, not doers, are out in force. We've got a billboard campaign out of DeKalb proclaiming "We don't suck as much as you think we do," perhaps a deflection from the school system's tax increase. We've had the release of what passes for state public school performance metrics followed closely by mainstream media dragging out the tired excuse of "free and reduced lunch stats as a proxy for poverty" -- an annual excuse for the abysmal state of public education implying it isn't the schools' fault but rather it is society. But their "investigative journalism" is weak as they never point out that qualification for semi-formal poverty is never verified by the schools' nor do they look into why society would continue pouring money down the rathole regardless of the root cause of the failure. The comedic value of media's juxtaposition of their neo-America impoverished state where many schools have 100% free/reduced and their stories on "healthy" bento-box recipes for your darlings' lunches is lost on no one. Given their dire depiction of poverty in the classroom how can they possibly justify that much ink for the dozen mothers in Georgia who can afford the food for a packed lunch?

Monday, July 24, 2017

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Daddy Dearest

Dad's mad.

You see Dad bought each of his kids a car. Not really his idea but he was at the Friday Fish Fry and heard all the other Dads talking about the cars they bought for their kids. When, make, model, know, regular "man-measure" kind of talk. So Dad starts to thinking...if you can call herd mentality "mentality" then Dad was thinking. He was thinking he better be fixing to get ready to get his kids some cars.

And so he did.

Then something unexpected happened. Kids took to driving. Every chance they got. Seemed like if they didn't have to be at home they were gettin' in them cars and gettin' the hell out in a Dodge. Probably because Dad was paying for the car, the insurance and the gas. Why not? Road Trip!

Unintended consequences. See, Dad wanted the kids hangin' 'round town not toolin' 'round north Georgia with their buds. 'Murican Iron but not Chevys and Levees. What's a Dad, especially a Mad Dad to do?

Well, being the kind of parent that Rosemond says has destroyed America, Dad figured he'd just pay them to stay home. So that's what he's gonna do.

The real problem, in case you were wondering where this was going, is with the City and Petty Paternalism. Not the kind where they want to keep your goats outta their right of way, make you cut your grass, make sure your roofer installs drip edge or prevent you from working at home. This is turned inward. As hard as it is to believe this is directed towards the police, arguably the most responsible folks on the payroll and certainly the only folks held in high enough esteem to be packing in City Hall. When there is political hay to be made Cops Is Tops but when it comes to deciding how to live their own lives they are just like the rest of us.

Cops shouldn't take this personally as it is basically as thoughtless as the Fish Fry Decision. Other cities give their cops "take home" cars and if Dunwoody is anything it is unoriginal so our Cops get cars too. They also get pretty much the same craptastic pay because, well, that is what all the other cities pay. It has come to the Sauron-like attention of our Powers-That-Are this level of pay might keep your take home car out of a Dunwoody Driveway unless you marry well or are on a call. Persistent paternalism precludes them entertaining the possibility of a cop wanting to not live in Dunwoody. It's not like any of the Cops out there are Ryan Seacrest.

But there is a simpler way than playing the Parenting Game. Here's a thought: let's pay Cops a living wage. Yeah, yeah. That's not what everyone else does and well, we're part of the herd. But we don't have to be and it really isn't that difficult to break free.

Take the cars for instance. What does it cost to own and operate one of those beasts? Before you add all the do-dads that make a nice ride a Cop Car. Cipher on that and come up with an annualized cost, gross it up and add that to their top line pay. Let them pick their own car. If they want to get an off-lease Camry because they're saving for a college education then that is their choice. After all if we can trust them to make responsible split-second decisions where firearms are involved we can probably trust them to pick a ride.

Then there is the calamity of where City Hall wants them to live. First requirement: City Hall needs to get off its collective high horse and let our employees decide where they want to live. If you think the factors influencing a car buying decision are tricky try juggling school choice, two jobs and increasingly "what do we do with the parental units?" Not to worry. Someone down at City Hall knows just what you need. NOT! Like the cars, housing is a cost/comparative study. How expensive is DaVille? Compared to? Pick some comps, here and abroad. Make an assessment, gross it up and make the adjustment. No one is saying that a Cop's pay gets you a million dollar infill McMansion but there are some Four-Four-and-a-Door Dunwoody Classics needing a little TLC that are well within reach.

The bottom line is this: pay Cops a living wage and let them live their lives. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Because You're Too Stupid

Living in The Smart City it can be ice-bucket shocking being told you're stupid. But the Associated Press reports that Federal Bureaucrats have done just that:
The USDA had indicated that it would use "soy beverage" in official policy documents, but it wanted to use "plain language" in materials for the public.
This all came about when the powerful milk lobby objected to the [mis]use of the word "milk" to brand anything other than lacteal secretions of mammals, preferably cows. The bureaucratic pissing contest pitted the FDA against USDA with the FDA taking the "F-Word" seriously with the position that "milk" was directly from a lactating mammal objecting to the USDA's cavalier [ab]use of "milk" when it wasn't "milk" at all. The USDA acting as federally funded shills for Big Ag defended their position on the basis that while fellow bureaucrats are intellectually equipped to handle such a fine distinction, you, with your Sesame Street intellect are an idiot. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dunwoody Sign Company

Regis Corporation

Hugh E. Sawyer III, President, CEO, Director
Jim B. Lain, COO, Executive Vice President
Annette Miller, Senior VP, Chief Merchandising Officer
Rachel Endrizzi, Chief Marketing Officer

7201 Metro Blvd
Minneapolis, MN 55439-2131
If you point your browser to your favorite investment site and look up Regis Corporation you'll find a company in decline. Dividends ended years ago. Profits are now losses. The five year high is well over twice the 52 week low. It fell off The Cliff Of '08 but unlike others never recovered.

Why should we care (unless you are a long-term shareholder)? Because Regis Corporation owns Supercuts. Is there a correlation between business success and being a good corporate citizen? Is Regis aware of the franchisee whose persistent visual pollution flies in the face of our Village Overlay and the wishes of our community? If you are concerned that these executives are unaware of what is being done in their name you might drop them a note. It won't be the first they receive. 

Monday, July 10, 2017

What's Wrong With College Today

The AJC drops this nugget in an article on the challenges and stress of college, particularly Smith:
With workshops on impostor syndrome, discussions on perfectionism, as well as a campaign to remind students that 64 percent of their peers will get (gasp) a B-minus or lower, the program is part of a campuswide effort to foster student "resilience," to use a buzzword of the moment. 
Setting aside the fact we're talking about Smith, and ignoring the made-up edu-babble of "impostor syndrome" and "resilience" let's just focus on the key failing of 36 percent getting NOTHING BUT A "B" OR BETTER! Really? An entire college career without even a B-minus let alone an ego-crushing C? And this is at Smith. What is your darling facing at a state school? Nothing but A's?

Back in the day, before every snowflake had a constitutional right to a college diploma, over 69 percent earned a "C," plus, minus, it didn't matter. It was a generally accepted fact that most folks were average, only a few were exceptional and equally few were not cutting the mustard. When you moved from high school where you were in the top ten percent to college where you were surrounded by all the other schools' top ten percent you were then confronted with a new average. Where you may no longer be in the top ten percent.

Absolute standards of learning and performance were set to be met, or not met. There was no curve and whenever a whiny class suggested such it was met with the observation that under absolute standards there was nothing preventing a class with nothing but A's whilst a curve guarantees as many F's as A's and as many D's as B's with the vast majority getting C's. Nonetheless, The Curve became the norm.

The Curve ran its course in the nineties dying out in the naughties but there was no return to the high expectations and academic rigor that preceded The Curve. The Curve coincided with high school grade inflation, low standards, a tuition-driven business model and the intellectually bankrupt notion that everyone, including the ignorant and ill-prepared are college material. More importantly the normal distribution (none dare call it The Bell Curve) was supplanted by a bi-nodal distribution, known as The Dumb Bell Curve, with Tiger Cubs at the top end and the flotsam and jetsam of failed public schools anchoring the other. Blowback over getting C's evaporated but the mantra of "Success for All" pushed the entire Dumb Bell Curve into the range of B or better. Academia continues to blow fluff into their tuition driven bubble by replacing academic achievement with a mere participation award. 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Blizzard Hits Dunwoody

A local Gangsta Pranksta set off a storm of silly when he gathered up a bunch of Ossoff and Handel campaign signs, cut them in the shape of snowflakes then re-distributed them throughout Dunwoody. Seems silly and harmless enough. Until a local pol channels his inner Trump and just cannot stop himself from going vocal and public. The local rag reports:
Dunwoody Councilmember Terry Nall, a Handel supporter, said he believed the city cleanup "is an unfortunate use of public resources." 
Of course this directly contradicts city spokesperson Bob Mullen who reports the cleanup of these signs is NOT expected to incur additional costs because the city does this all the time anyway. Then there is common sense. Mista Pranksta collected the signs from the right of way and if he put them back right where he got them it would be net zero cost to the city. But Da Pranksta appears to have his snowflakes in drifts making city cleanup easier and cheaper. But Nall cannot let it go:
“While I do not know if this was meant to be a political message, a decoration for the upcoming Independence Day holiday, or a prank typically seen on April Fool’s Day, I do know it will be a city expenditure to remove these from the public right of way,” he added. “For a city with a small, lean budget, this is an unfortunate use of public resources. Clearly, someone must have a lot of extra time to modify these signs and then place them around the city.”
Wouldn't it be nice if the Mayor or Council cared as much about the flagrant sign violations in the DVO as at least one of them seems to care about humorous snowflake signs? 

Monday, July 3, 2017


This little nugget appeared in an AJC movie review:
"...with a number of Twitter users pointing out the movie's lack of intersectionality."
Only thirteen words and so many problems. Twitter users? Really? That's what passes for a valuable, printable component of a professional movie critique? And "a number" is exactly how many? And what percentages of the tweets directed at this particular twit mentioned this particularly cinematic failing? The cherry on top has to be intersectionality. They are just making this stuff up, even the words.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Tale Of Two Roads

Two roads. Two contractors. One City. Same problem.

You may have received an email blast from City Hall bragging about how they're holding a contractor's feet to the fire over newly paved and yet still sinking parts of Chamblee-Dunwoody. Similar problems are cropping up on Mount Vernon. Different contractor. Same problem. And a different approach by the City.

Why? Because the Mount Vernon contractor told the City that their requirements for backfill would result in compaction issues. Which is exactly what has happened. On two different streets with two different contractors. The City's story is the requirement, though non-standard, is not the problem but contractor workmanship is at fault. On two different streets. Two different contractors. Same problem. Same requirements. Same City.

Is it possible that a common problem has a common root cause? Apparently not in this City.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Removing Signs

Neighborhood Services Director Richard Oswald has responsibility for illegal signs within city limits. The city sign ordinance, available online, covers temporary signs which require a permit. In a recent article in the local paper Oswald speaks to the issue of illegal signs.
"If you look at any major intersection, you'll see numerous signs, and we try to get them pulled as quick as possible," Oswald said.

Although it may seem like a lot of rules, Oswald said it's a problem that can get out of hand quickly.

"If we didn't regulated it, imagine how cluttered it would be and them climbing up poles," Oswald said.
If you guessed this city is NOT Dunwoody you would be correct. It is Davenport, IA where it would appear they care about quality of life.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ossoff: Handel-ed

Though not nearly as bad as that fateful Wednesday when hordes of women queued up at Goodwill to drop off tear-stained blue pantsuits[1] this Tuesday's results have left them confused, angry and conflicted. Clintonistas whose argument inevitably devolved into "don't you think it is about time we had a woman president?" found themselves battling against sending the first female Republican to Congress instead supporting an ill-qualified rich white guy, a man who's money came from deceased relatives, a man who so loves the district he choses not to live here. But neither character nor logic has a place in personality, gender or party politics. Not then and certainly not now.

What of those who voted for Ossoff to "send a message"? These folks see our representative government as little more than an opportunity to raise the boy scout sign as they screech "read between the lines" to some far off unseeing, unhearing mythical foe. Are they of such an intellect or character that they can accept that a message has been sent? And that it has been sent to them? And what of the outside monied interests promoting an outsider for what is otherwise a local issue in the sovereign state of Georgia? Are they different in kind to the alleged Russian meddlers they blame for the bad press used to excuse their candidate's failure in November? Are the millions of dollars their establishment spent a projection? Does it say "Our votes in Congress are for sale, so we cannot comprehend how we cannot buy yours"? They tried. They failed. They will spin. But at least, for now, we can bask in the benign neglect these coastal elites afford the fly-overs.

[1] While you may have thought your Mexi-Maids had been issued new uniforms the fact is the second-hand market was flooded with blue pantsuits sporting only one wear, no wash and deep discounts.

Monday, June 19, 2017

How To Read The Paper

It is increasingly difficult to read the paper, not because of what is in it but because of what isn't. Back in the day, when newsprint was ink on paper and journalism had some integrity, a basic tenet of competent reporting was to answer the four key questions in the first sentence: who, what, when and where. This slowly eroded to the "get these in the first paragraph" and as that slippery slope got steeper it is uncommon to find these questions answered anywhere in the entire article.

So here is an effective and efficient way to gather information from a "news" paper: read the first paragraph of an article and if all four questions are not answered move to the next article. With this approach you get all the information available in the paper in under thirty minutes of which twenty nine are spent in the sports section covering the last remaining meritocracy in America.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Tax Man Cometh

Dunwoody's deceitful backdoor tax increase is about to scoot thru the process in the same kind of "What Happened During Your Summer Vacation" approach used to sneak in the cityhood referendum all those tax increases ago. The city is flogging the propaganda angle:
"No one owning a home when Dunwoody incorporated is paying more for the same property as they did in 2009 with this credit," wrote the city finance department."
Crafty bit of work, that. True enough that if you bought after 2009 your home was marked to market at the time of sale and there is no good basis for comparison but let's not knock the city logician for not understanding that your city tax bill was $0.00 in 2009 if you did not move here until 2012. The deception is a bit more troubling when considering that permitted work is another trip wire filling the city coffers. Their CYA is in the technicality of "the same property" because if you added that sunroom or replaced that drive it isn't considered "the same."

If you were paying Dunwoody taxes in 2009 let's hope you were not fooled into believing that more government would be better government when it is really just more, and growing taxes.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Circus In Village Overlay District

And the ever-present, cold-sore that just will not go away:

And why does the City seem hell-bent on giving Memorial Drive a run for their money as "armpit of the city?" It is by order of the Councilor "representing" this area.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

What Do These Signs Mean?

They mean that the last time any Dunwoody Police were in the area was when the trailer was dragged out and they won't be back until they come back to get it. Basically it says "Speed with impunity--there will be no enforcement." Like that was a secret.

Monday, June 5, 2017

New Day, Same Stuff

Pamela Miller at the AJC tells us that the Smart City is filling the recently vacated community development director position. Before you start thinking "well, it IS so bad it can only get better," take a look at what Pamela has to say.
"In his new position, McLeod will help implement the Comprehensive Plan that was adopted by City Council on Oct 12, 2015, as well as the Perimeter Center Zoning Code draft adopted May 22."
The City certainly needs help implementing almost any plan especially plans that might improve quality of life in daVille. One that has been neglected for over a year should top anyone's list.

Pamela adds:
"The city of Dunwoody's Community Development Department is responsible for managing the planning and zoning functions of the city as well as development regulation, code compliance and sustainability programs. "
Don't hold your breath on the "code compliance" part of the job description in the Village Overlay District. Especially as code enforcement is under attack by at least one council member more beholden to business than the voters. For now. 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Dunwoody City Schools

Should we or shouldn't we?

The answer to that question lies in the answers to many more. The first being "would the City of Dunwoody classify Dunwoody Schools as a 'sovereign government' exempt from all City ordinances, codes and regulations?" Recent history says "yes." Would these schools be run with the same integrity and respect for the community as we have seen with the City to date? Sadly this is likely a "yes." Would the schools be ring fenced from the City (think DHA) or would it be a Friends-and-Family patronage palace (think CVB)? Do you think this City can resist such a power grab? Really?

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Danger On Campus

In order to understand some of the hysteria in academia over campus carry you have to understand that there are folks on campus, equipped with PhDs who sincerely believe that these things work:

Or do they really believe this?

Probably not because it is not a student with a firearm that poses an existential threat to those in their ivory towers. A prof's existential threat is posed by a pissed off student giving a bad evaluation. The promotion and tenure committee may claim to look at other factors including research and publications, peer reviews and service activities, but the fact is whining students can make all that irrelevant. It is pure lunacy to ask a student to rate the experience a) before it is complete (don't even think about having evals after the final exam) and b) before the student has advanced to the next course where the true value surfaces. That they not only allow this silliness but actively promote it undermines academia's pontification on just about any topic.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

What If?

If Only Ted had...

If Only Hillary had...

If Hillary used ProtonMail, she'd be President today.

And If Only Sheriff Mann had...

If Mann let the dog out at Brook Run he'd not be in trouble.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Friends In Low Places

Looks like our "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" City Council member is well on the way to helping a friend in need of a Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) ordinance custom tailored just for them. Perhaps written by them.

Combined with that Council member's stated view that any ordinance she doesn't like should be ignored as a matter of policy then mere citizens should not be surprised by, well, anything.  In fact, by now we should be numb. Nonexistent sign ordinance enforcement in the Village Overlay. Refusal to inspect school buildings and issue COs. No interest in curbing speeding in school zones. Has it really been that long since that kid was hit on Chamblee-Dunwoody? Do you think the kid would give the same answer? Illegal truck traffic thru a no-truck-zone? Merely a waste of signage and another rule to ignore at will. But when a business wants an ordinance just for them? Well that's a horse of a different color.

We are all but guaranteed that the BYOB will not actually happen. Instead, the "retail establishment" will provide the alcohol with full knowledge that no one will ever check up on them. That is what they want and what those elected officials who do their bidding have given them. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

In Vino Veritas

My wife was hosting the weekly bridge club and I was trying to be helpful. Really, I was. The phone rings and I answer.

Janis asks me who it is thinking it might be someone cancelling. Cancellations are apparently a big problem with bridge parties. "It's Dave. Kowalskis."


"OK, Dave. Be right there."

Dave and Kathy have lived on the street forever and gave us a warm welcome when we moved in. The rest of the neighbors, not so much. Kathy says that she is the nice one--Dave just couldn't see past the car.

In '69 my dad put in an order for a new car, sight unseen, partly to get the color he wanted: British Racing Green. He had the first 240Z in town. It was his weekend pleasure drive and I was proud to inherit it. Dave could relate. His dad's best friend ran a car dealership who got his dad into a brand new '68 GT6+ in Laurel Green, Tan interior and overdrive. Since getting his dad's car Dave has restored it to showroom condition and he's helped me with the Z, particularly the interior. He couldn't sort the carbs with a bubble sync and I can do it by ear so we get together when the weather is nice to tinker, talk cars and inevitably, fathers. Kathy may be the nicer one in the relationship, but Dave has the better car.

Kathy is a minivan aficianado and she's driving the bus to Detroit with her sister riding shotgun to see their Aunt on the occasion of her 95th birthday. They will bring back a new supply of Kowalskis and this evening the last dogs of 2016 go to the rainbow bridge. Dave loves his Kowalskis--almost an unhealthy obsession. And wrapped in ritual. He'll get the dogs, unlink them and simmer in a huge pot of beer. "Blanching" he calls it. After cooling they are portioned, four to six together into a ziplock then covered with the now-cooled beer and into the freezer. He usually ends up with 40-50 bags of dogs. Pretty much an annual supply.

Cooking is no less of a ritual. A grill is involved but the dogs are on indirect heat. Dave hates it when they split. Onion wedges go directly over the coals and he does the chips-in-foil smoking trick. He calls it his smoke bomb. Coming off the grill the dogs go back into the beer along with the nearly burnt onions after they are sliced into ribbons. Dave keeps this on a low simmer until final assembly.

And assembly is no less complicated. Dave refuses to use buns, only French baguette will do. Cut to length, sliced thru and slits cut into the exposed white bread inside. "Makes it hold more goodness." Then the stack. Bottom bread. Onions. Roasted tomato--he roasts his own just for the dogs. Then the dogs, sliced, inside up. Then on the top bread goes blue cheese. Dave likes Maytag but will use Stilton in a pinch. "I'm from the midwest but I'm OK with the Brits." Somebody has to be.

This goes under a broiler until the cheese melts and the dogs get a bit of char. Takes it out, puts it together, slices it in half cross wise. "Presentation is important. After all you eat first with your eyes." Right Dave.

The weather is mild and Dave will have all the doors open to the patio. I walk around back and park myself beside the fire pit.

"Hi Sam, no Janis?"

"Bridge party."

"You're welcome."

"Thanks." He thinks he has saved me from a horrible evening. He's probably right.

Dave has the grilling done and is in the kitchen slicing the cooked onions. It's a hot mess. He finishes, washes his hands and calls out "wine?"


"Kathy pour?"

"Regular." His wife abhors waste and none more than the waste of space between the wine and rim of the glass. Somehow this aversion to waste has translated into an amazing ability to never spill a drop. That glass going from table to lips is poetry in motion. Dave comes out with a glass for me and puts the bottle on the table. The oven dings and he rushes back to play with his tomatoes. "Need help?"

"I got it. Only a few minutes."

I settle in by the fire. Dave is a man of his word. It isn't long before I hear "Dogs walking" and Dave arrives with a platter of Michigan's finest and a very full glass. He takes a seat and grabs the first dog, "to see if it is poison." Dave encountered a brief moment of silence as a child and it so terrified him that has never abided it since.

He starts. Neither dog nor wine can stop him. "So I was at Publix this morning to get the baguette."

"Best bakery in town." I'm not convinced this is true but I know Dave is and I said it just to slow him down.

"Right. So I get out of the car and this guy gets all up in my face. He's canvassing for Ossoff."

"The kid who's running for Price's seat?"

"Yeah, that guy. He starts with his script and I stop him."

"Of course." Dave is passionately apolitical. Never votes. Has never even registered to vote. He says that way no one can blame him for all the dysfunction. He might be on to something.

"I say 'look kid, there is only one thing you can tell me about Ossoff that will influence my vote. You tell me which candidate, including none-of-the-above, that Ossoff is going to vote for and that is who gets my vote.' The kid just looked at me with that vacant stare that starry eyed political staffers get when conversations go off script. I looked him dead in the eye, said 'exactly' and walked on by."

"Why do you do things like that? Why didn't you just tell him you're not even registered to vote?"

"Then he would want to drag me off to register."

"You could have told him you're a convicted felon. That's actually pretty believable."

Dave's had his last dog. "Dogs are like oysters. Can always tell which is the last one." He filled his glass emptying the bottle. "Wanna share?"

"No." He knows I brought my own, he just doesn't know if it is one bottle or two. I pull a bottle of Zin out of my purse. "Screw please." He slides the corkscrew across the table.

He gets up to clear. "Carrying?"

"Always. Unload?"

"Please." He heads inside. I'm doing the wine first. Dave is one of those gun nuts that hates guns and had a no-guns-allowed policy that died with Kathy's uncle. He had quite the gun collection and she inherited it. Hunting rifles. Upland shotguns. A couple of beautiful Italian clays. But the bulk of the collection was over two dozen S&W Victory models repatriated from the lend-lease program. These are stamped with details of the repatriating location and processing supply officer. It's like a postmark and they are collected like stamps. So now Dave has about forty guns in his house, not a single round of ammo and a new no-LOADED-guns-allowed policy. While the wine is breathing its last breaths I drop the magazine and rack the slide snatching the cartridge out of the air.

"Catch it?" Dave is still putzing around inside but I'm pretty sure he was watching. He usually does. He comes out, parking himself by the fire and then I hear the music. Big Brother and the Holding Company. I now know the price of a hot dog--the Woodstock story.

"Did I ever tell you about going to Woodstock?"

"Only about a thousand times."

"Good. You can tell me if I leave anything out."

And it starts. It is a story he finds halfway thru his third Kathy pour and always when Kathy isn't around. It starts with a young, rebellious man who on the spur of the moment tanks up his old Chevy pickup and heads off to some concert in the country. He meets the most beautiful girl he'll ever see. Long blond hair. Piercing, Steve McQueen steely blue eyes. The quick wit and even quicker smile. The deep philosophical conversations lasting thru the night, never forgotten but not fully remembered. She is a perfect jewel in the finest of settings-an older man's memory.

It's going to be a long night. Dave drones on. But the air is cool, the fire is warm, I've got a fine Zin and that bluesy voice is telling me "a woman can be tough." It's a small price considering we did just finish the last of the Kowalskis and that beautiful girl is bringing a new supply all the way from Detroit.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Home Wine Delivery

Hot on the heals of City Hall working aggressively to ensure that a Friend of the Family exercise emporium can likker up exhausted electrolyte depleted patrons we now find they are leveraging their "don't ask, don't tell" policy in support of home delivery of fine wines.

See Truck. See Sign. See Truck Go.
After all this IS Dunwoody, founded on the Three P's: Parks, Paving and most importantly POLICE. Certainly our ever-growing Police force would be enforcing a no-truck zone as those trucks also tear up the Pavement. Stopping in, between international trips, our chief concluded "the speeding and/or truck problem appears to be sporadic" so they're just not going to enforce in that area. Sadly that may mean that wine is not being delivered in DaVille and this is just another "sporadic" thru-truck. Just another "hear no evil, see no evil, fix no evil" from a City Hall that puts any business before every citizen. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Common To Whom?

Governor Deal has signed the so-called Campus Carry Bill. Now the fun begins.

Though still aligned with the Permission Society World View, supporters of the bill are celebrating this as "common sense" legislation, co-opting Obama's bumper-sticker phrase on the issue. Hopefully this causes the phrase and the idiocy behind it to fall into disuse as it has never been about common anything let alone just the loudest current social norms. That is, if you believe this country was founded on the precept of personal liberty. Then the Bill of Rights is little more than an enumeration of the liberties of the people that shall not be infringed by the government. The view of individual liberty does not sit well with those who long for the days of monarchies, of those bestowed with power, in particular the power to grant and withdraw at their discretion liberties to the little people.

Those nostalgists include the Left-Wing-Nuts who are now going nutzy-cuckoo. They see this as an attack on their breeding ground, an attempt to poison the fount of their life. Their histrionics cannot be contained.

Being the well educated grammarians that they are they fear the loss of their kingdom for the want of a comma. They invoke the "let's eat, grandma" vs "let's eat grandma" to make their case that a missing comma in the legislation actually allows a Weapon's Carry License holder to make it into "their" building. Being arrogant know-it-alls they have anointed themselves the sole arbiter of legislative intent concluding that this missing comma goes against that intent and therefore invalidates the entire law. In their world this missing comma can't be right (or could it?) so they intend to sue. HASHTAG: CommasMatter HASHTAG: WordsNotSoMuch

Academia is up in [un-]arms with UGA's Franklin College faculty resolving:
“If this legislation is enacted, and students and faculty are hesitant to discuss sensitive or controversial topics because of the presence of guns on campus and in our classrooms, the academic integrity of UGA will be greatly compromised."
Now THAT is gobstopping. This faculty seems so ensconced in their ivory tower that they are unaware that college campuses banned the liberty of free speech, especially on topics they deem "sensitive or controversial" long ago. The campus newspaper, the Red & Black, reported on limits the  University has placed upon those meeting their disapproval to Free Speech Zones where they will not offend sensitive sensibilities because they won't be heard. But trust them, it isn't censorship, it's free speech in a safe place. They live in an echo chamber and banish any dissenting speech to a small soundproof room.

This is why the term "common sense" has no place in any discussion about what happens on any college campus in America.

Monday, May 8, 2017

She's Baaaack!

The game is afoot. A new proposal will be put forth tonight to sneak booze into local retail establishments. Sounds like yet another attempt to cater to a local business wanting alcohol in their service offering. You gotta admire the persistence of their cronies down at Smart City Hall. Mere citizens just wish the City were half as pro-active enforcing ordinances as they are in creating ones that cater to their bidness buddies. 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

May The Fourth Be With You

Certainly you've heard folks running around chanting "may the fourth be with you." Some who hear this, distracted by a text message, involuntarily mumble "and also with you." Your employer may somehow think this is an opportunity for "team building" and if that's your company you will probably bump into Wally in the break room.

But there is a serious, dark side to all this--it is very hurtful to a group so often the butt of jokes,  snide remarks and mocking imitations: lispers. Not the AI programmers. The folk with the speech impediment--nay--speech distinction.

Suffering from a condition over which you have no control, one with which you were born, should not be a subject of public ridicule but an opportunity for the broader community to learn, to demonstrate understanding, to empower those with this speech-distinction to fully participate--to achieve their potential. Instead we have a society celebrating a comic's ridicule of Marlee Maitlin as if he is some Lenny Bruce of speech diversity. Far from it. Were he making fun of a Latina's accent the outrage would be palpable and direct action would be taken. Social media would be swift, forceful and complete with not a single YouTube video remaining. That this same indignation is not leveled at the oppressors of those with speech distinction tells us we, Speech Diversity Warriors, have much work ahead of us.

Let us not forget that speech diversity is more than dialect, colloquialisms and accents. Speech diversity is a large tent covering all manner of speech distinction from the eloquence of Tourettes to stammerers, stutterers, and yes, lispers. Embracing diversity does require stepping out of your comfort zone but remember this: you are the guilty party should you fail in taking this small step to break out of your self imposed cocoon.

So next time someone has the audacity to ignorantly say "may the fourth be with you" let the Force be strong in you. Stand up for speech distinction by embracing--celebrating speech diversity.

HASHTAG: LispthLivesMatter


Under Council's Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell Policy Cyclebar is expanding its outreach program to young adults. It isn't clear if this is a BYOB event or the bar is open but no one should be surprised if someone spikes the kiddy's punch.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Squeaky Wheels

Code enforcement has been run "on complaint" since day one and folks at City Hall have been very open about it. Of course this should be like honey attracting flies* but it turns out it is just a honeypot.  It serves little purpose other than getting whiners and complainers to self-identify with the shakers and movers with increasingly little done with regards to actually enforcing our local codes. Ironically this seems to be as bad in the Village, with its much ballyhooed Village Overlay District as it is in other areas in Dunwoody.

Apparently some on Council like it that way.

One, most noted for undermining rule of law by publicly stating that the City will not enforce certain ordinances by employing a don't-ask-don't-tell policy seems opposed to enforcement of sign ordinances in the Village. This individual admits to confusion but seems unaware that others are not so afflicted. All the more unbelievable as the Blue Bag Rag tells us that the soon-departing head of code enforcement saw the job as education and not just for citizens but "code enforcement program educated city leaders" as well. Seems to have skipped the business community. But as it turns out the DVO ordinances are not only written in plain english but for the less than literate there are pictures. Finding "confusion" in Subsection (f) is baffling to the point that one must consider that the pretense of confusion is a deflective ruse. Perhaps Dunwoody has too many folk on Staff and Council who see local business as their primary constituents and are more beholden to them than the citizens and voters. On this point there is no doubt serious, potentially harmful "confusion" that needs to be addressed.

*Studies show that vinegar is a better fly attractant than honey as vinegar is associated with rotting fruit. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Charter Schools

In an article on the closing of a Cobb charter school the AJC offers this definition:
"Charter schools are public schools that operate independently and are held accountable for academic results, finances and governance."
It should be noted that DeKalb County public schools do not meet these criteria. 

Just Say No

Colleges and Universities across the United States are dropping entrance exams like a hippity-hopper droppin' da mike. And this isn't just your local community college trying to grow enrollment at any costs, there are some big names including Harvard Law. It don't get no better than that.

Some believe this allows them flexibility in favouring diversity over competence without discoverable evidence that could put them on the losing side of a civil lawsuit. Maybe, maybe not. But there is some merit to the argument that lowering application requirements encourages a greater number of applicants without increasing the number of asses-in-classes thereby decreasing their acceptance rate. Acceptance rate is one of US News & World Reports key performance indicators, the lower the better and better numbers mean greater prestige. This is close but no WEO. They do want significant increases in the application numbers but not just to appease a questionable rag. Applications are not free and no one gives a refund to any applicant accepted or not. So these Colleges and Universities are tapping their brand for new and growing revenues.

And this isn't chump change:

  1. University of California-Los Angeles:$5,369,840
  2. University of California-Berkeley:$4,681,320
  3. Stanford University:$3,632,130
  4. University of California-San Diego:$3,608,290
  5. University of Southern California:$3,419,440
  6. Harvard:~$3,000,000

Millions of dollars taken from dumb chumps many of whom don't belong in any college let alone a big name school. This is taking candy from babies. 

Monday, April 24, 2017


North Fulton is looking pretty chill on the Milestone end of grade assessment:
Hell, it is over twice as good as South Fulton! And yet, in no category does North Fulton score better than fifty-fifty. Then it gets interesting. In the same AJC article we find that neither SAT nor ACT scores are blowing anyone away and yet sixty percent qualify for the HOPE scholarship.

Your education dollars at work.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Outlawing Amway

The Smart City is working to ensure that the Amway Showroom you keep in your house is verboten as you cannot keep any for-sale merchandise at home. Not sure yet about selling out of the trunk of your car or the back of the van.

Sec. 27-168. - Home occupations.

(g) Use permits and supplemental regulations for Type B home occupations.

(2) Supplemental regulations.
e. page2image23456No stock in trade may be displayed or kept for sale on the premises and no on-premises sales may be conducted.  
This also impacts Tupperware parties but that is redundant as they will also be outlawed under the "no more than one customer on-prem at one time" rule. Unless burping the bowl is a "learning experience" in which case you can have up to three. And those lingerie parties? Fuggedaboutit!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Anencephalic Journalism

Folks are wondering why respect of and trust in mainstream media is at an all-time low. This little gem showed up recently an AJC article about millennials:
"In 1980, two-thirds of 25-to 34-year-olds were already married. One in eight had already been married and divorced. in 2015, just two in five millennials were married, and only 7 percent had been divorced."
Did you get all that? For starters these "journalists" really like to mix up their numerical metaphors, like "how many olympic sized swimming pools does it take to stack up to the top of the empire state building?" Now they could have normalized using percentages replacing "two-thirds" with 66.7%, "one in eight" with 12.5%, "two in five" with 40% and just left "7 percent" alone. That would enhance the clarity but somewhat undercut the dramatic effect and isn't "journalism" just about dramatic effect?

But the waters are muddied in other ways. In the first case, the near-but-post-boomers, they examine a cohort spanning 10 years - count fence posts, not rails. In the second case, without an explicit definition from the "journalist" but relying on Wikipedia (the only real source of truth) we can place the millennials' birthdates from 1985 thru 2005. To make it apples and apples let's say it ranges from early eighties to the early naughties to cover the 25-35 year old range.

So why didn't the author just say "when comparing two 25-34 year old cohorts, the first from 1980 and the second from 2017 we see these percentages of marriages and divorce?" Could be ignorance on his part or presumed ignorance on yours. Could be he just needed words to waste ink. No matter, he did more to undermine the overall credibility of the media than he did to inform the public. And that is why media gets no respect.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Bullshit Walks

TOD has already pontificated on the absurdity of local government supporting a business that will put folks in a sweaty state of dehydration, likker 'em up and dump them into rush hour traffic and the supporting ordinance has been pulled. For now. The backpedaling sponsor clearly intends to ground-hog-day the measure: "I believe [...] that there will be a right time to introduce this." So expect the hammer to come back out and drive this screw in. When you least expect it. Until then the policy is 'go back to the "don't ask don't tell like" we have always done' which is a blatant statement that our elected officials are a bit more beholding to whoever "we" might be than to the wee folk who put them in office. 

More importantly this fundamentally undermines rule of law and the very ordinances that Council is responsible for crafting. Do any ordinances really matter when those responsible for them address being on the losing end of a debate or compromise by simply ignoring the law of the burg? This kind of attitude has no place in civil society let alone in representative government. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Money Talks

In his letter to shareholders Jamie Dimon, J.P. Morgan Chase Chairman and CEO, offers this observation:
Education is leaving too many behind.

Many high schools and vocational schools do not provide the education our students need – the goal should be to graduate and get a decent job. We should be ringing the national alarm bell that inner city schools are failing our children – often minorities and children from lower income households. In many inner city schools, fewer than 60% of students graduate, and many of those who do graduate are not prepared for employment. We are creating generations of citizens who will never have a chance in this land of dreams and opportunity. Unfortunately, it’s self-perpetuating, and we all pay the price. The subpar academic outcomes of America’s minority and low-income children resulted in yearly GDP losses of trillions of dollars, according to McKinsey & Company.
The inexorable decline of Government Schools is a "wrap-around service" that has stabbed society in the back. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Government Mandates

Recently a member of the left wing punditry pontificated on the potential passing of a campus carry bill. Let's dissect a few bits of what passes for logic in those circles.
"Georgia law mandates no firearms safety training to carry a gun on campus."
In fact Georgia law has no training mandate to acquire a carry license and carry anywhere, on or off campus. Training, practice and range time are not prohibited by law either. And this is important as one seeks a thread of continuity in what appear to be random synaptic firings.
"It is hard to fathom that my children or anyone else's would be safer sitting alongside an armed classmate with no training."
This author has demonstrated time and again a difficulty to fathom things involving the simplest of logic and this self-awareness should be nurtured. On the one hand it is posited that no one, particularly those seeking a concealed carry license would have or acquire any form of training unless it is mandated. This is a paternalistic world where a mandate is necessary to compel behaviour. OK. But. There is no mandate saying that "if you can get a carry permit you must get a carry permit" is there? So by the logic of the author's mandate manifesto a law merely allowing legal carry on campus will result in no guns on campus because carry is not mandated.

Then the author offers "the right answer."
"The only people who should be carrying guns across our colleges are campus police." 
A more coherent argument could be made that there should be no campus police and certainly not armed. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Double Taxation

Sam bought his car, new, two years ago for twenty grand. At the time he paid fourteen hundred dollars in Sales Tax to the state of Georgia. Yesterday he sold the car for ten grand to his nephew and now the state wants an additional seven hundred dollars because of another transaction on property that has already been taxed on this value. Keep in mind this is not tax on increased value of an appreciating asset. Instead it is a second bite at the apple on the remaining value of a depreciating asset and is commonly considered double taxation.

In the early days of the TEA party this would have caused an uproar but today it doesn't warrant a peep out of the formerly anti-tax crowd. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

Solution To All Our Schools' Problems

Marlyn Tillman, president of the Gwinnett chapter of the NAACP spoke with the AJC about the benefits of school board diversity emphasizing the impact on demographics she endorses. She cites data showing graduation rates from black and Latino students below that of white students as proof that racial diversity is needed on the board. The last nail in her intellectual coffin was driven home when she was quoted as saying
"You are not turning out the majority population as graduates and for higher-level learning opportunities."
But one thing has proven true: adding blacks and Latinos to school boards ensures more students of color are given diplomas. Someday someone in this sad situation may actually learn something.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Frightened By Unicorns

Democrats are strange creatures, particularly of late. Could be they feel a bit endangered. It's not like they are unicorns but they are certainly afraid of one. Tis the season down at the gold dome and the silly just cannot be stopped. The Quasimodos are down there screaming past each other about sanctuary with our very own Fran Millar supporting legislation he posits would be "clarifying and adding to the particular current law[AJC]." This elicited a nanny-nanny-boo-boo response from the other side of the aisle: "or muddying the water and unclarifying." Take that Fran! But wait! There's more! And it is the juicy bit because it is in the politicians' wheelhouse--self contradictory. Having never heard "no harm, no foul" this Democrat followed up with "You're proposing legislation to address something that doesn't exist." When you are one of the wee folk, taxpayers and the like, the second best legislation is legislation for unicorns[*].

[*] The very best legislation is no legislation at all.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Jeezy Creezy

Those public school magi over at Cross Keys High must be all but walking on water when it comes to the Tres R-s. How do we know? Because the teachers have covered all the educational sacraments so well they have time to flash-mob a passion play lest the little buggers not be entertained. But their What-Did-Jesus-Do historical play was widely misinterpreted. By teachers as proselytizing and by some students and parents as Where Did Jesus Go? as he and his family fled the ansturm of the Trump Troopers. Some are calling for a spoiler alert or at least a trigger word warning. Safe places, right? Some faculty, apparently rejected for key roles formed a mob of their own screaming for action from the powers that be. A deaf Pontius Pilate down at the Palace stands with clean hands as he watches the mobs rule.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Now You Know

You may be immune to the hysterical rhetoric around the "Campus Guns" bill. You may be all wrapped up in it. You may be spreading it. Let's start with one steaming pile of stinking silliness: personal protection. As in "this isn't about someone over 21 years of age protecting themselves." Or even those 21+ year olds who willingly offer up their fingerprints and actually clear an FBI background check. What's that you say? You were told that every hung-over frat boy with a chip on his shoulder because a professor "gave" him a grade he didn't like was also being given guns and ammo.

It is actually about a right guaranteed in our Constitution, the one with the phrase "shall not be infringed" which seems to serve as an invitation to government at all levels to do just that. This includes our government-run public universities. It is not surprising that the natural habitat of left wing nuts would espouse a religion where "words matter" except those in the Constitution but the real problem is knowing just what is, and is not campus property. To wit:

It may look like a regular, commercial hotel offering short term lodging and convention facilities, but it is also an infringement zone. Is the nearby Classic Center part of UGA? It is not, but it is a government facility and guns are prohibited--at least they have signage. What about MSTC and The Meat Sale? Open to the public, no student/faculty/staff ID required. But it is on campus and current infringements apply. Same for the Georgia Museum of Art. Then there is the State Botanical Gardens, owned by the State, well off the main campus, but operated by UGA. The gardens include five miles of nature trails which might dredge up that self-defense bromide. Not to pick on just UGA, Tech, with it's expansion into midtown, has similar unmarked infringement zones.

What this bill is really about is uniformity of our statewide infringements (Georgia is not a constitutional carry state) extending equality of access to all without regard to their own personal arms identifications. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Do The Unions Know?

Read This VERY Carefully

Is it possible for a school, even a Charter School, to actually exclude 99.9% of all teachers from applying to their faculty? Is it legally acceptable or even politically correct to state:
...have a master's degree in mathematics (not education or math ed)...
This is akin to screening applicants based on race or religion.

Where are the unionists with their tar and feathers? How can they stand idly by while a school applies such high standards for the qualifications of their faculty. Is it possible they might also have similar standards for their students? If so, this is the end of public education as we know it.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Magic Eleven

Eleven is both odd and prime and it is not disparaging to observe that being prime means it is most likely odd as two is the only even prime. It isn't two, but its sum of digits is. It is a twin prime with thirteen. Eleven is also a sexy prime--think five and seventeen. How special is that?

Well Spinal Tap showed us knobs that go up to eleven and we all know how special that is. That it is ten percent more than ten only sounds recursive.

Eleven is the number of Obama's magic, mass-killer bullet. That just-one-too-many cartridge that transforms a gun from self-defense to a weapon of mass destruction. That it is just common sense should in no way detract from the magic.

Lately we have been getting it from all sides about eleven million people.

First it is the number of illegal aliens in the United States. What makes this magic is there have always been eleven million illegals and there always will be. This number has not changed in decades having weathered the vicissitudes of amnesty and lax enforcement without change. It is a Montezuma's Revenge that defies logic and physics. If Trump deports all illegal aliens there will still be eleven million illegals. Get used to it.

Then there is the ObamaCare eleven million who receive health insurance with premiums ponied up by their fellow taxpayers. We are all to wring our hands over the prospect of these eleven million losing their perq should ObamaCare be forced to address hardships foisted on the remaining three hundred million.

Even George Will invokes the magic of eleven million. In a recent op-ed he speaks to government bloat reporting eleven million as the number of employees in the tax-exempt or independent sector funded by the federal government.

Here in DeKalb eleven is a race. No. Really. Check out the following official document kept by DeKalb County Schools in records associated with one beachhead of the PC tsunami created by the election day earthquake of Trump.

Is This REALLY High School Level Writing?
Eleven is magic. Simply magic. So next time you're buying those lotto tickets don't get ten quick picks. Get eleven.

Monday, March 6, 2017

He Got That Right

"Our diversity is our strength."
DeKalb School Superintendent Steve Green
This epitomizes what has been rotting public education from the inside out for decades: taking credit for something over which they haven't the slightest influence in order to divert attention from the accelerating failure of their true mission. Dr. Green is a product and proponent of an ongoing culture of failure to which he speaks with great authority.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Trump Imposes National Speed Limit

Have you noticed that traffic sucks a bit more than usual of late? Would you like to know how this happened? Then read on...

Like all bad things, from soggy onion rings to identity theft, we can lay the blame at Trump's well-heeled feet. Trump has actually imposed a new, strict national speed limit that has everyone in the slow lane. How did he do this? Well, if you're a product of the left wing indoctrination being passed off as education you may think he passed a new law. But if you have a passing familiarity with our Constitution and separation of powers you were probably home-schooled but do understand that the President, even Trump, cannot pass laws but is entrusted with their enforcement. And that is exactly how he did it though it should be noted that it was unintentional.

What Trump actually did was suggest there might be real enforcement of immigration laws as passed by the U.S. Congress. Chicken-Littles snowballed this into a mass roundup of The Eleven Million (have you noticed that "11 million" number has been holding steady since the last amnesty?) and this has caused The Eleven Million to keep a low profile. Not to the point of fluency in english but to the point of hiding out in their apartments with Telemundo cranked down low. And should they have to venture out to visit an immigration lawyer (you'd think they would know the law beyond just what is needed to violate it) they are damn sure not going to get caught speeding lest this become the first step in their pathway to citizenship--in their mother country--you know where everybody speaks spanish.

So there you have it. You're stuck in traffic behind a slowpoke van with ladders on top and it is all the fault of one Donald J. Trump. 

Monday, February 27, 2017

Medium As Massage

There has been a lot of real and virtual lip flapping about mainstream media being the enemy of the people with the fourth estate shouting back about the importance of an independent press. It often seems as if the two parties are talking past one another but not really disagreeing. Politicians have always objected to media criticism and charges of bias are increasingly undisputed. So let's take a look at just a few things from the front sections of one issue of the AJC and see what the poor, ignorant masses are being fed as a daily diet of "critical, independent media."

This is attention grabbing:
Forget Texas, FEAR Tennessee!
Big data is a big buzzword and makes for a big, effective headline. If by effective you mean "grab the reader's attention without exposing too much information." And if a picture is worth a thousand words that photo screams "Tennessee is going to figure out where accidents are about to happen and send out a trooper to shoot the survivors." Is this the message mainstream media wants to send? Are they incompetent or misleading?

We also get the AP's solution to the opioid crisis:
Only The Media Knew It Was This Simple!
If the media had not squelched this information the Obama administration could have nipped this epidemic in the bud by simply paying the Chinese to close the loophole. Surely this would have been cheaper than fighting a drug epidemic sweeping our rural areas (talk of an urban problem is still off limits) but we'll never know because mainstream media hasn't "informed the public."

Media are as big a set of windsocks as any politicians have ever been. Case in point: the Swedish Immigration story.
Trump NEVER mentioned riots, only after false reporting were there riots!
So maybe media are correct. When THEY inform the public then that informed public can and will take informed action. It would be nice were the information complete and correct but hey, he was vague and that opened the door wide enough for even the AP to drive a truckload of ambiguous disinformation.

Despite having fallen out of favour with a history-purging PC crowd Thomas Jefferson was correct in his conviction regarding the absolute necessity of an informed electorate:
Convinced that the people are the only safe depositories of their own liberty, and that they are not safe unless enlightened to a certain degree, I have looked on our present state of liberty as a short-lived possession unless the mass of the people could be informed to a certain degree.
If we are to rely on mainstream media for accurate unfiltered information then our time is past.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Fifty First Star

During his world tour to soothe the nerves of Europe's leftist world leaders, Mike Pence, the U.S. Vice President, found himself in Brussels standing in front of a faux American Flag. It was blessed with an extra star. Now we know what the lower fifty represent--one for each state in the union. But what about the Brussels' uber-star? What does that represent? It could be the EU or NATO or even the UN or perhaps all three. But it does represent what these world leaders think of the United States: a source of gold star families to protect their borders and do their bidding.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Yet Another Logo

The City appears doomed to yet another attempt at copping a logo. That presentation does not exactly give hope of dramatic improvement as we learn on foils eight and nine that the United States has expanded to include Toronto, Montreal, Melbourne and Sao Paulo. Wow. Who knew? Well the Smart People down at Smart People City Hall knew, that's who. And they are the folks driving this bus.

It is foil four that offers the greatest [entertainment] value as it solicits "the one word that best describes Dunwoody." This is followed later in the prezo by a list, but it is missing a few that just leap to mind. Let's play word association. We say "Dunwoody," you say:
Taxing [all definitions apply]
And the granddaddy of them all:

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Charter School Accountability

Fans of maintaining the status quo have been lining up against DeVos and the Trump administration's support of alternatives to this culture of failure. The AJC's Public Education Pundit decries DeVos' refusal "to affirm the need for greater accountability of the growing charter school sector." This shows a fundamental disconnect between those incapable of critical thinking and the impact of "the money follows the student." What they refuse to affirm is the fact that when a parent selects a school for their child that is the very essence of accountability. And when deflecting blame for their failures public educators have no moral issue with blaming the parents suggesting that they, the parents, are the real cause of failure in public education. Fine. Let's agree to agree: hold parents accountable and give them the means to fulfill their obligation.