Monday, November 29, 2021

So Concerned. So Caring.

But really just political posturing bordering on farcical. The mayor takes issue with DCSD building an urban elementary school making it sound like the mayor has a real commitment to safety of the folks living in this city. And why is urbanity the most wonderful thing to grace city hall when it comes to "renewal" and adding intense density destroying our suburban lifestyle, but when our school system needs to add capacity to address the consequences of this out of control development, urban is a four letter word? Is there a developer waiting in the wings with eyes on that property? It cannot be because school system ownership takes it off the tax rolls because that is exactly what the city does for any developer.

So why all the lip flapping? Is there any room she is in that really needs more hot air? Maybe the mayor thinks this looks like sincere concern and the fact that is completely outside the purview of the mayor, and in fact the entire city, there is bullet-proof political cover. How can you fail when it isn't any of your business?

Anyone living in Dunwoody knows there is zero concern about safety or any other quality of life issue in our neighborhoods. Neither the mayor nor any of the other dwarfs care about speeders ripping through our school zones or truckers arrogantly, frequently violating No Truck zones which are also school zones. If they cared, even a little bit, they would lay down the law. They would tell the city manager to enforce our city ordinances, to enforce our traffic laws or pack his bags and get the hell out of Dodge.

And they'd quit shadow boxing with non-existent opponents.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Found Your Turkey


What IS That Stuffing?

Monday, November 22, 2021

Protecting The Neighborhood

A developer has been told no. Hard to believe, right? It gets even more unbelievable. They were told they could not add apartments to a shopping center. 

What's the problem with that?

It did not, and probably will never, happen in Dunwoody. It happened in Johns Creek.

Here's what inquiring minds want to know: how many of the Dunwoody bureaucrats who have no problem selling us down the river actually live in Johns Creek where their quality of life is protected?

Thursday, November 18, 2021

New Dwarfs In Town

Does that mean we'll get some law and order? Will there ever be any consideration for the people who live here?


Not likely. Why? Because this happens ALL THE TIME and nary a dwarf has lifted a finger to help.

Monday, November 15, 2021

Private Parts

You know, if it really were "private" you would have something called "privacy" and then you wouldn't need the sign.

Friday, November 12, 2021

AJC "Misinformation"

Mainstream media is notoriously left lilting noted for "coloring" their language in support of their deeply held beliefs. Sometimes is so smacks of propaganda that it would, by any objective measure, constitute cancel-worthy misinformation for any social media censors. They injected a prize nugget in an article about the Remington headquarters relocation to Georgia:

'an attention-grabbing TV ad that showed him aiming a firearm toward "Jake,"'

where in this case "him" is Governor Kemp, who has been labeled "governor shotgun" in the AJC. True colors shining through? You may be wondering why they would take a hit after the play is over as anyone else might risk a personal foul, but this is the AJC and they own the refs (think Notre Dame). Hell, they think they ARE the refs. But they did cross a line...a hit out of bounds.

They made interesting choices. Now, it is "firearm" when previous references had more precisely noted it was a shotgun. Then "toward" rather than the previous "at" which while completely incorrect it had been the term. Perhaps the biggest lie is "aim" as Kemp never shouldered the shotgun and never sighted down the barrel, two things you do when you actually aim a shotgun (read the AJC puff-piece on Barnsley Gardens). Only some irresponsible left-wing-nut like a certain well-known actor actually shoots from the hip. At people.

Perhaps the vagueness is to provide a "parsing semantics" escape clause should someone suggest they've laid out egregious misinformation, but being legacy media they probably don't care about social media, cancelled or not. And you may have noticed it is VERY easy to sign up for an AJC subscription online but actually impossible to cancel online. Seems like every part of their operation is skewed to our disadvantage.

Monday, November 8, 2021

Honey Badger PD

We appear to be blessed with a Honey Badger PD, one that just doesn't give a shit. See:

One of these two vehicles actually belongs here and the other is violating the law. But one must reflect on the lonely tree in the woods: if there NEVER is any enforcement is there really a law? Not when all you get is a Honey Badger PD.

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Tenure Censorship

The USG BoR recently made changes viewed by some as an existential threat to tenure of professors in Georgia's public colleges and universities. Of course, "some" means "tenured professors" as the change improves the ability of administrators to improve the faculty without necessarily taking a knew before the faculty itself. It isn't a big change, but it is one moving a modicum of control to administrators where folks in the real world, subjected to annual performance reviews, might have thought it already rested. 

Not so.

Now J Tom Morgan, a well respected legal beagle in DeKalb and now an adjunct at Western Carolina has weighed in suggesting these changes will cripple recruiting the best and brightest to our public universities. It isn't clear if he has all the facts. It isn't clear anyone does because those in control, tenured faculty, have no interest in opening their kimono and those directly impacted by the process, tenure-track faculty will self-censure. Because the tenure process lies somewhere between immoral hazing and employment sadism. 

However, if you are or are very close to tenure-track Assistant Professors (AKA pre-tenure) you might be exposed to a different reality, but there is a mountain of misinformation, from "authoritative sources," to get past. 

Is tenure tough to get? Sure is, but not for reasons you've been spoon fed. First even getting a tenure-track position is very, very difficult as academia pumps out several hundred potential candidates each year for open positions, which don't open up very often, because, well, tenure. 

Pre-tenure, tenure track faculty face are under attach from almost every side. Student evaluations play an outsized role in acquiring tenure. Why? Because tenured profs and admin are not going to do the time consuming, often difficult work of actually evaluating the teaching chops of the junior faculty, which is exactly the way it should be done. If you believe, like JTM, that these tenured professors are truly the pros from Dover. But they're too busy with their research. Oops, another secret leak. All the top profs are doing research, and once tenured aren't doing so much teaching and never the service courses (think Calc 1). And with tenure comes added responsibility, and power, and without it comes self-censorship. Even if you see a problem with a clear solution you'll not raise the issue if you don't have tenure for fear you'll never get tenure. You'll toe the party line established by your "betters." They feel, rightly, powerless and you might be surprised how many will start a conversation with "when I get tenure I'm going to..." And yet, they never do. It is as if they've self-censored for so long they don't know anything else. And the bullshit gets deeper. Every university has a "tenure clock" though you can petition for early tenure and most likely get dismissed out of hand. Why? Because evaluating a several hundred page tenure packet is a painful labor and frankly because the process is fundamentally just hazing. They'll make you suffer because they can and they like it. That secret is exposed by timing. Go up early and the packet/petition is due in the fall. You'll get reject in the spring. Next fall, when the clock expires, you go up again. In less than six months what could have dramatically changed regarding the last six years?  Nothing but the clock. And the hazing. It is clear that the process of getting a tenure track position and then acquiring tenure does nothing to ensure that our students are actually getting even competent teachers.

Do we have to get rid of tenure to fix this broken system? Not necessarily, we can modify it. First we can age the dinosaurs out. We retire airline pilots at 65 which seems a reasonable age to promote a tenured professor to emeritus status, opening positions for those with a newly minted PhD. And if there is merit to the argument that these long-in-the-tooth professors are that good, then their protege might be even better. We should give that a try. And if their research is all that good, they'll transition smoothly into a research position in industry, right? Well, unless they're an English prof.

Monday, November 1, 2021


If you've not taken a walking tour around daVille lately you should. You'll be treated to the talking street crossing at some of the intersections: you walkee; they talkee. The first thing you'll notice is the voice is distinctly male. Kathleen Turner couldn't imitate that voice even if she'd just raided the humidor. Definitely a dude. And this is no dude straight outa Compton. It is an english-speaking euro-caucasian mansplaining you through traffic. 

How un-woke can you get?