Thursday, September 29, 2022

When All Else Fails...

...act like a petulant child.
Compelling Intellectual Argument?

Monday, September 26, 2022

Mystery Solved

You know all those dump trucks barreling through the Village and blasting past Austin? No? Really? What, are you on city council?

Turns out this isn't just the Dunwoody PD and City Manager's refusal to enforce our laws, it is quite a bit worse. These trucks were hauling away asphalt from road milling prior to repaving. That's right. City Hall not only refuses to enforce traffic laws they are actually paying to have them violated. 

Only in Dunwoody.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

What Do You Envision...

...when you hear the word "path?"

Is it something like this?

Looks a LOT like a path, right?

Do YOU call THIS a "path?"

You have to wonder how the word "path" can be associated with the two vastly different things. In today's world the second is called a "path" as a way of "managing perceptions." In the '50's and '60's it was called marketing. In the first third of the 20th century it was propaganda. In the late 19th century it was called by what it actually is: a lie. 

You've got to wonder why the bureaucrats running this city are so hell-bent on ramming this down the community's throat, especially in the face of vocal opposition. Maybe it is grant-grubbing or friends&family, or both. In any event they will claim that these highways-by-the-road are highly sought after by members of the community. Only one problem: they cannot back that "assertion" up with actual factual data. 

These bureaucrats are using the not-so-local-control government paradigm of "trust us, we're the government."

Do you trust them?

Monday, September 19, 2022

Remember When...

...there was a Dunwoody Village Overlay that protected the character developed organically by the community? Remember when that overlay was actually enforced. Remember when ticky-tacky visual offenders were prosecuted?

The Five Tackiest Were Once Prohibited

If you remember all that then you've been around more than a decade, because those things only happened before there was a City of Dunwoody. As it has turned out that referendum was not about local control. It was about a total sell-out. 

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Everything's Better With...


Or so say the bureaucrats down at city hall. Apparently they are teeing up booze changes to let more "personal service and entertainment providers" get a special license so their patrons can be serviced and/or entertained and get a buzz on. To quote the Blue Bag Rag this would cover businesses that offer "an activity or experience while allowing patrons to drink, such as with 'Paint and Sip' and axe-throwing establishments."

Here's some thought exercises.

Does this mean that 7 Massage could offer some "happy time" in the middle? Would they source their alcohol from Moondog, just a short schlep away?

Suppose someone opened a gun club and shooting range. Would they be able to offer shots of whiskey with shots at targets? Why not? Probably as safe as axe throwing. And they could call it "Shooters" with employees that look too good to work at Hooters. Who doesn't want a smart woman holding a real warm gun?

And what about that most au naturel entertainment: dancing. With poles. Wouldn't this fit right in with city bureaucrats' vision for Dunwoody? Or will they inject some thoughtless (and probably unconstitutional) irony into the situation by making this the only type of entertainment business that cannot obtain a license? No "Dance and Drink" in daVille.

Once again city hall has proven that this is NOT a "Smart City."

Monday, September 12, 2022

Any Day, Most Of The Day

Want to see what is rotten in the state of Dunwoody? It is really very, very easy to do. Just go to the intersection of Roberts and Chamblee-Dunwoody, stand right next to one of the "No Trucks" signs that clearly indicate that trucks are not allowed on either of these roads north of that intersection. And truck drivers don't even need to be literate because these signs include the comic book version.

And just what will you see while you're standing there? For years now you'd see all manner of illegal truck traffic making deliveries to daVille. But now? You'll see convoys of illegal dump truck traffic. There are many times you will have three or more of these trucks within view. And this starts before 7AM and continues pretty much all day. 

And they're not moving slowly. They barrel past Austin and blast through the village. In fact they're not going to the village proper they're actually going much closer to I-285 than to the Northridge GA-400 exit. That's right. They could exit from I-285, a closer exit and be legal. But they don't.

If you stand there long enough you might even notice a Dunwoody Patrol SUV. What you will not see, not ever, is that police officer  enforcing the law and ticketing these offenders. They've been told to stand down.

Not all that long ago Dunwoody's Top Cop sent a complaining resident an email (so it is discoverable) basically saying there were not enough violations to justify the cost of enforcement. So much to unpack, but let's revisit. Suppose a patrol officer has a W-2 salary of  $52K per year and the burdened cost is three times that. So the city is paying $3K per week for a patrol officer. That's $600 per day. Now if you stand at that intersectiton for just an hour you will see 15-20 violations and if only $100 per violation our Top Cop is making a hefty profit. Maybe enough to pay for another junket to the Holy Land. 

So this isn't about the money. This is about a city hall filled with bureaucrats who disrespect the residents and their own ordinances. They only care about one thing: the developers and business to whom they are beholden.

Thursday, September 8, 2022

There Oughta Be A Law

Maybe there is. Maybe it's a Federal Law. Maybe that's why no one at city hall is going to do a damn thing about this.

Nah...even if this city had such a law they wouldn't it enforce it. They don't enforce any of the others.

Monday, September 5, 2022

But Wait...

...there's more

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Makes Sense

Not much does in daVille, but this does.

Well Marked Trip Points

Now, you know the city didn't mark these, right? So just who would? Well...glad you asked.

Business Is Already Good Enough