Monday, January 17, 2022

So Why Do You Care?

Preemptive legislation is nothing new and we've seen it here in daVille with the recent ordinance outlawing party houses. Not that such a problem exists and even if it did given the city's reluctance to enforce any ordinance, especially quality of life ordinances, it would not and will not make a difference. Perhaps a diversion. Perhaps just political theater. 

It is happening at the state level as well with the proposed bill that would ban promulgation of divisive indoctrination in our schools. Really this should be as simple as requiring that all students read at grade level before any agenda driven programs are introduced. But both sides are engaging in semantic gymnastics. The leftist superintendent who signed an open letter against the bill they characterize as banning CRT. Yet they claim they are not teaching CRT and in fact there are no courses with CRT in the title or even the course description. But this IS a deceit and they know it. After all if they are NOT teaching CRT why do they care if there is a law banning it? They're not going to teach it anyway or are they?

The fact is that the tenets, the principles and the fundamental building blocks of CRT are driving curricula and the teaching of racial division. And this is happening in school systems across this state where an embarrassing number of students cannot read at grade level, lack skill in basic arithmetic and where over 16% don't continue to graduation.

Is there any doubt that public education needs a power-down reset?

Thursday, January 13, 2022

What Will It Take?

We already know the Dunwoody PD has no intention of ever enforcing the no-truck zones. How so? Because the "Top Cop" sent an email to a concerned resident stating exactly that. 

Now "Top Cop" is in a pissing contest with DeKalb Schools over traffic cams in school zones. Why? Because "Top Cop" ain't gonna provide traffic enforcement in school zones any more than he's gonna enforce anything outside of Perimeter Center. Apparently they really are mall cops.  

DeKalb schools are pushing back and can you really blame them given the DPD's history of producing and distributing porn? One might wonder if they're expanding into child porn and since they're not allowed in the school zone for enforcement remote cameras are pretty much required. 

It gets worse.

In trying to justify these cameras, the "Top Cop" farted this out in the first pew:

Police said that data collected by all four departments shows thousands of speeding violations around school areas, some even resulting in fatal accidents.

Pretty hard to believe, isn't it? Staring at traffic violations frequent enough and severe enough that we're seeing FATALITIES and yet REFUSING TO PATROL warrants some investigation, which when given the chance the AJC avoided preferring to continue as the city's PR department. It does beg a lot of questions. What does it take to get our "Top Cop" off his ass? How do we get our laws enforced? If this city is going to rely on automation (ASE - automated speed enforcement) why do we even have cops? Or if they're only going to patrol Perimeter Mall do they really need SUVs? And what about ASE cams over there? Why not? And what will it take to get a change in city and PD leadership and get someone who can and will do the job?

Monday, January 10, 2022

Teaching From Aruba

Teachers are notoriously risk averse and this quality almost every move. In many places teachers belong to unions which are often at odds with the public they allege to serve and who definitely make payroll. In Chicago this toxic combination has the schools shutdown due to an ongoing pissing contest between the teachers' union and the mayor, both reliably left leaning. It seems the teachers want to work from some vacation hotspot whilst the mayor wants asses in classes.

Why the disconnect from what in other times would be two sides of the same coin?

Parents. Apparently these otherwise docile folk are quite riled up and while they cannot fire teachers (no one can) they can fire the mayor. And if they don't get the educational services they feel their children deserve they can, and will, find themselves a new mayor. A mayor that will take the bull by the horns and corral an out-of-control union. And what will that look like? Well, it won't be "teaching from the beach."

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Look Closely Now

What Are YOU Looking At?
If you're a long time resident, like those who pre-date even a draft city charter, then you may remember when Dunwoody had a chamber of commerce and you just might think they're back. That's because this 4-color glossy ($$$) that showed up in your mailbox is exactly the kind of pricey pamphlet a CoC would put out. But it isn't. It is actually YOUR tax dollars being re-distributed to successful businesses. And why is that? Back in the day when DeKalb bashing was the local sport it was called "Friends and Family." 

It was bad then. It is even worse now.

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Pandemic Discovery

Despite the illness and death there has been a silver lining to the pandemic: we have, almost by force, confronted some harsh realities many had long chosen to ignore. We knew the city was designed to be of, by and for businesses but now they are much more open about it, revealing internal dissonance. Which winner will she pick? That might seem important until you recall that the city we thought we would get was always a myth about as real as the bodacious babe the old fart gets with each bottle of Viagra. You know it isn't real, don't you? 

So what is important? Well, we now know that as far as parents are concerned their children are important. The pandemic has burned away reliably opaque clouds of delusion as parents were forced to see what was being called "education." Not a pretty sight. Not only did parents realize they could see, they seem to have discovered there was quite a bit they needed to look into. The more they saw the less they liked and so they took and demanded action. The system, unaccustomed to scrutiny let alone criticism, pushed back declaring upset parents should be considered domestic terrorists. What is actually quite impressive is the handbook describing how the deflection techniques long used by teachers and principals can be leveraged in board meetings. Apparently some folks always held the opinion that parents should have no say in what their children were taught and were bold enough to say such things out loud. But not without consequence. This happened alongside CRT infused pedagogy and elimination of assessments and standards for social justice reasons. The latter revealed internal dissonance (much like we see with our head dwarf) with teachers at odds with admin. 

Now we know that DeKalb County Schools are not expecting a rebound in attendance and while some blame the pandemic these are the same people who've been immune to criticism until recently. Maybe the pandemic was just a catalyst.

Monday, December 27, 2021

Santa Fears Trucks Too!

A very official route shows that Santa completely avoided the joke of a no-truck-zone that the city refuses to enforce. 

Avoiding Dangerous Trucks

Even Santa won't take the risk of traveling through areas where the city all but encourages reckless, lawless, dangerous truck traffic. You DO know that Touch Down doesn't live there anymore, right? So your sins of omission are punishing everyone else and TD is well beyond your reach. So give us all a break, OK.

Thursday, December 23, 2021


How is your student doing? After all you are the parent and until recently everyone agreed it is also your student, though the education industry has leaked their deep seated disagreement with that proposition. This may be have you considering drastic measures. Private schools? Perhaps. Tutoring? Not a bad option, but it makes you wonder if you're encouraging government schools' bad behavior. Or maybe a bandaid on a bullet wound. 

You might be considering drastic, direct action. Taking the bull by the horns. Making learning a family activity and stepping away from a system telling your student what to think rather than how to think. If you follow this path there are lots of resources available, but we at The Other Dunwoody would like to suggest LibreTexts. Here you'll find freely available texts, course support and visualization tools. Of particular interest are the math resources, covering elementary skills, to algebra, calculus, data science, economics and even today's edu-industry trend: finance. But in this case your student will not be driven towards the collectives' group-think but instead will acquire the skills needed to make their own decision about their own finances. 

Embrace hackademics. You may well learn something too.

Monday, December 20, 2021

That Must Have Hurt

The AJC, which routinely acts as Dunwoody's PR firm, recently had to cover a whistleblower of the month's victory. They tried to spin it, but still, it must have been painful to publish.

This was just a board decision that went against the city so guess what the city is going to do. That's right, they're pissing away more of our money going to court in yet another case that is directly traceable to a few bad hiring decisions. 

We should be spending our money on a search for a new city manager and chief of police, not on this useless court case. They are the root of the problem and these weeds need to be pulled out by those roots.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

When The Fox Guards The Hen House...

...the hens are left to defend themselves. Given the massive mismanagement of the Dunwoody PD it should come as no surprise that this is exactly what has happened. Since its very founding the Dunwoody PD harbored an officer who demanded pornographic pictures from subordinate officers and command did nothing to stop it. Quite the opposite. Dunwoody's side-hustling self-proclaimed top cop wrote an internal "investigation" with the unsurprising conclusion that exonerated the department and command. Top cop? Maybe top fox. It wasn't long before many of the more reluctant forced porn stars were driven or dismissed from the force with one starting a non-profit in support of police whistle-blowers. Hens standing strong against the fox. It was far too long before outside review exonerated that hen since by that time the lieutenant in charge of porn had been disappeared. The Catholic church could learn a lesson here. 

The real problems remain. The system is flawed. Under no circumstances should anyone at city hall have conducted, or even supervised an investigation with serious negative consequences for those investigating. Furthermore, those involved in that decision, the police chief and his boss, the city manager, retain their positions. The stain of this sexual predation is upon them, and if council takes no corrective action, which to date they have avoided, it is upon them as well.

Monday, December 13, 2021

Crisis Is The Fulcrum

Agenda is the lever.

And both were in full misuse in a recent opining from the AJC's fave left wingnut when he took his anti-conservative agenda and propped it on a recent school shooting to someone draw a twisted line, one that can only be straight in his mind, between parental desire for age-appropriate materials and practices and a reluctance on the part of Republicans to eviscerate a constitutionally enumerated, inalienable right. He pulled out all the Liberal Fascists' Propaganda Handbook memes. Hyperbolic "weapons of mass destruction." Dancing around "we ain't teaching CRT." 

Given a recent op-ed from the AJC exposing the incredibly poor performance of our schools at teaching reading, one might have thought the most obvious response to age-inappropriate material in schools would be: "no worries, they can't read it anyway." This would unravel as a brief glance at most classroom and libraries would reveal that words are few and pictures dominate. A concession to the fact that schools haven't been teaching reading for some time, that they are well aware of that fact and have adjusted accordingly.But...not the agenda.

But there are real issues here that deserve informed debate by rational, deliberative stakeholders. How has allegedly representative government schools disenfranchised parents, voters and taxpayers to the point that asserting their position as stakeholders results in vitriolic vilification? In the presence of this failure how do parents best care for their children and what are the socioeconomic consequences? What role should parents have in directing curricula, modalities and pedagogy? And yes, how do we enforce current laws prohibiting firearms from our schools. And why has law enforcement, at all levels abdicated their primary responsibility as well?

But all we get, and all we're are likely to get, is incessant harping from nags drunk on partisan agenda.