Monday, July 19, 2010

Keystone Cops

This weekend's Dunwoody Drama centered around an alleged domestic dispute wherein the heavy hand of the law called in paramilitary forces from neighboring jurisdictions. After much posturing for the TV crews establishing film footage sure to  be used in the upcoming justification for our very own SWAT team, the wily perp escaped.

That's right. Under the supervision of our much ballyhooed police both they and the SWAT-for-hire forgot to watch the back. Now bear in mind, were public safety a priority, our City would encourage all non-ground floor apartment dwellers to obtain a fire escape ladder, many of which can be had for well under $100.00. Obviously there is a difference between "fire" and "under fire" but the ladder serves equally well in each case, especially when the assault team can only get their minds around a "frontal assault."

But rest assured as incompetent as our modern day Keystone Cops may be, this same brain trust is going to lobby for their own paramilitary force complete with flashbang, tear gas, assault weapons and APCs. It will be quite the show come Fourth of July.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Family Ties...

...that bind.

Since politics became a profession it has been a "family run business" and our small town politics are no exception. We have an interesting race in the Republican primary to back-fill Fran Millar's vacant house seat.

In one corner we have "Who Knew I Had To Resign" Taylor whose mixture of family ties and politics raised eyebrows as the city was being formed. "Who Knew" sat beside Porter, the "Shill for CH2MHill" touting the benefits of outsourcing City Hall's responsibilities along with our tax dollars to his wife's former employer, with whom she remains on good terms. Awkward.

In the other corner we find "I Wrote It Down" Anderson whose claim to fame is recording secretary for pre-cityhood documents and being married to our City Attorney. This doesn't sound like much until you realize that a City Attorney whose resume wouldn't clear a simple "fit for the job" screen must have connections at City Hall. These connections are strong enough to overcome lack of academic background, lack of experience (fleeing a failed business adventure is hardly a compelling qualification) and these connections will probably serve the candidate well. However, should "Wrote It" clear the primary, search results on Ripoff Report might become embarrassing. Suppose a desperate Democrat would air that laundry?

Regardless, voters know how these connections benefit the politician and those near and dear, but neither has offered a clear statement of how they benefit the public. Apparently there's no connection.