Thursday, June 29, 2017

Tale Of Two Roads

Two roads. Two contractors. One City. Same problem.

You may have received an email blast from City Hall bragging about how they're holding a contractor's feet to the fire over newly paved and yet still sinking parts of Chamblee-Dunwoody. Similar problems are cropping up on Mount Vernon. Different contractor. Same problem. And a different approach by the City.

Why? Because the Mount Vernon contractor told the City that their requirements for backfill would result in compaction issues. Which is exactly what has happened. On two different streets with two different contractors. The City's story is the requirement, though non-standard, is not the problem but contractor workmanship is at fault. On two different streets. Two different contractors. Same problem. Same requirements. Same City.

Is it possible that a common problem has a common root cause? Apparently not in this City.