Thursday, December 21, 2017

They Have A Name For It

They call it "supply-chain attacks."

These are cyber attacks making stream encryption, two factor authentication, finger print scans and questions about your first dog a Maginot Line. How do they do this? By leveraging the humans who operate a company's network rather than the technology these humans operate.

You might want to ponder this the next time you align with the Flat Worlders' View. You may think you're doing business with the First Baptist Bank of Dunwoody, but they're giving their business and your information to India, Inc.--where they don't even have to attack the supply chain, it's handed over to them. That's why you keep getting those phone calls from "Dave" who sounds more like he's from Bangalore than Bangor. You see, they already have all your information and now they want your money. You can give it Dave or they can just take it.