Monday, February 29, 2016

Weird Al Is In Town

Because we're tacky...

Weird as he may be Weird Al has nothing on daVille. At least when it comes to tacky.

Subway says "I'm with Stupid"

In the wake of the staked out tacky sign we now have its tacky offspring. It would appear there is only one way to keep lovely downtown Dunwoody from challenging Memorial Drive for the title of "armpit of the state," and that is to have these folks take their signs with them when they leave.

Somehow they have yet to realize you can buy a pretty good sandwich at Publix. Want to kick it up a notch? Shroom on across the street for a righteous hoagie. And how many choices do you have for a burger? Exactly.

If you need your locks chopped there are two Olde School shops a short walk away. And if you need a stylin' you can coif your doo at your choice of real shops. You know--where you'll stand a chance of getting your hair done by the same person two times in a row instead of hack job du jour based on notes someone entered into their computer.

So it looks like the responsibility for cleaning daVille rests solely on your shoulders. You need to vote with your dollars because it is the only vote that counts.