Thursday, February 25, 2016

Everybody Gets A Haircut

Except for hippies and bald guys, everybody gets a haircut. And there are quite a few places in daVille to get yer style on. We are blessed with two classic, old school shops, a few high-styling shops and recently we've been blessed (or perhaps cursed) with one of the national, never-the-same-cutter-twice franchises. This cannot be news to anyone as their signs are planted throughout the right of way in daVille. Some folks find this signage out of place, even offensive. How do we know? Because these people are never quiet.

Bonner Brothers--NOT!

There they are. Somewhere between food on the shelf and food on the plate in daVille. These signs have been plastered up and down the street for months now. If they worked at all you'd think they'd have worked by now.

Apparently some sign vigilantes must have, some time in the past taken the sign ordinance into their own hands.

Paul Is Staying Put

Cannot cut that cable and it would cost a fortune to cut down that tree.

Tie Your Tacky Signage Round The Old Oak Tree

You may wonder what Alison thinks of all this but know this for certain: there is more than one place in daVille to get a haircut.