Monday, February 8, 2016

If You Can, You Must

If you can get a Georgia Weapons Carry License, must you? If you have a carry license must you own a gun? If you own a gun must you carry it? Always? Everywhere?

The high priests and priestesses of Common Sense Gun Control (AKA: you get no guns while we get armed guards) suggest that the answer to all is a definitive YES! At least when we're talking about licensed carry on college campus. While they tend to stay on point regarding guns and drunken frat parties (but isn't that the real problem?) every now and then they drop their guard suggesting this is a good first step.

But neither side of tug of war over guns are very good friends with facts. So if we go with "yes" to these questions how many gun toters are we going to see at UGA? Let's pick on UGA because it is hard to tell where campus starts and stops and we might note how reluctant UGA is to call the cops about a rape but quick to pull the trigger on a hotel guest with a gun in his room.

Thirty five percent are 22 and up. That's a lot of guns. But thirty percent are under 19. That's a lot of targets. The split between 20 and 21 requires estimation as this bracket is reported as a group which split evenly is 17.5 percent each. An equal number of guns and targets. That's 10.5 percent more guns than targets so if you subscribe to the "can equals must" argument you are more likely than not to run across a gun-toter on UGA campus.

If campus carry passes what are parents of high school seniors to do? Probably the best plan is to schedule a few gap years and when your little snow flake turns twenty one round up one of the "can equals must" logicians to take your darling down to the court house to get a license and stop by the pawn shop to buy them a pistol.