Monday, February 22, 2016

DeKalb Dumps On Dunwoody

You cannot live in daVille without putting up with a daily traffic grind now exacerbated by construction. Almost any construction requires utility marking which is usually done by a private utility locating service. You've probably seen the trucks in your neighborhood. Of late they've been canvassing the Linear Park, Spalding to Roberts and south on Roberts.

Unlike other utilities who farm out the location services, DeKalb County, the jobs works program, has decided to mark their pipes themselves.

On Roberts
Man With The Marker
Take note of the spare spray can on the cart paying particular attention to color. While this was on Roberts we find at the linear park the lines are marked.

Marked Near Dunwoody Road

But what's that? Over to the right. See, in the brush? That looks like a...

Isn't Easy Being Blue

...spray paint can...

Only The Best For Painting Grass

...indeed! That is exactly what it is! And it has a striking resemblance to the one in the second picture.

Now no one, at least not in The Other Dunwoody, is saying the individual pictured above discarded this or any other blue spray paint can, or even that these cans (there are at least two) have anything to do with DeKalb County Watershed. But you, dear reader, are one of the Smart Folk and TOD will rely on you to come to your own conclusions.