Thursday, January 28, 2016

If You Scare Someone...

...are you a terrorist?

Probably not, but in the hyperventilating world we live in the rhetoric often heads down that path. This issue rears its ugly head, again, because some bloke went to DaVille's Panera whilst open carrying which as anyone, including that bloke, would know is going to cause other folks some indigestion. As it did.

We'll not go down the rat hole of constitutional rights vs colloquial "rights" but look instead at Panera. And guns.

As it would happen, Panera is no stranger to carry/no-carry controversy. In September of 2014 they issued a "request" that customers not engage in Take A Firearm To Lunch events at their establishments referencing a corporate ambition of creating "Panera Warmth." Apparently happiness is a warm bun, not a warm gun. At least not in the hands of a licensed gun owner. The backlash was strong and swift with over 27,000 responding to a CNBC online poll and 83% taking a negative view of Panera's stance.

To this day Second Amendment fans include Panera on lists of anti-gun companies they would prefer you not visit. Seems like the bloke who came to Dunwoody looking for soup in a bread bowl missed the email.