Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Media...

...old tools.

TOD has been bitching and moaning about the sad state of Dunwoody's IT infrastructure and service in general but particularly the video broadcast of Council (and other) meetings. Apparently we are not alone. That particular call to action would address the accessibility (in the broader sense) of the City supplied "transparency technology."

Replacing/supplanting the crap used by the City would address the fact that the City knowingly and at our expense denies many residents equal access to an important City service, but at the same time would encourage their bad behaviour by providing a viable alternative. The pressure to get this City to upgrade (e.g., Granicus as used by Athens-Clarke County--there are others, almost all are better than what we have) should not be lifted. Not the least little bit. After all it is OUR money and the City should not be pissing it away on the current POS.

On the other hand, should the City actually get its act together (and a Ramblin Wreck gives us hope) it would in no way mitigate the need or value of a citizen call to arms. Certainly a forum, unmoderated or moderated by someone unaffiliated with the City and its politics, would support free discourse. A non-government community can also establish verified identities creating a community of citizens and apply rules (posting, commenting, etc.) while other voices are more diligently moderated but not muted. Unless called for.

Getting this City to perform will be slow and difficult. Remember these are the IT wizards who brought us the CAD-to-CAD debacle. Even were that not the case these new digital vigilantes are to be applauded.