Monday, January 11, 2016

Dunwoody Merges With Brookhaven

Details are just emerging but the AJC put the public on notice that a merger between Dunwoody and Brookhaven is in the works.

A non-profit has been established to promote and advance the merger with pre-merger Task Forces already established. Insiders indicated one of the most contentious is the Naming Task Force, where proposals have ranged from Dunhaven to Brookwood[y] to Pavedpark City to Cycle City to Teaborough and even City of Rightwing. The latter has been rejected as being too obvious.

As expected the City Charter Task Force is in turmoil. Some have suggested the merged city be headed by a mayor and a vice-mayor as hands-on CEO and COO respectively. Thankfully the suggestion that the charter require the mayor to be named "Davis" was promptly batted down. There has been no mention of a role modeled after a corporate CFO as this is government so cost containment isn't an issue and taxes are easily and routinely added and increased. Some have voiced concern about the number of Council members with the current plan being to add additional members. To ensure "proper" minority representation the districts will remain aligned north-south but this combined with the increase in Council is making for some very skinny districts. A proposed alternative is to increase the number of at-large Council members but there is some concern about attracting the attention of the Feds.

The Operations Task Force has proposed a restructured police force emphasizing enforcement, eliminating some desk jockeys and downplaying the revenue-by-fine model.  No one really expects this to make it into the charter let alone into practice.

Of course these are all unconfirmable reports as the non-profit is private and none of their activities are subject to open records requests.

We won't have to wait long for the dust to settle and details to emerge, but one thing everyone is excited about is that Dunwoody will finally be rid of purloined "Smart City" moniker.