Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lucks Not Locks

The Donald seems to be confusing and confounding some pretty important folks. In particular the pundits and pontificators in NY and DC. They cannot understand why Trump did not go up and flair out like a political roman candle. But what they find really baffling is that so many folks, largely but not only, in the fly-over states aren't paying attention.

At least not to them.

They could get a clue if they'd just pay a little attention to themselves. No. Really. This came to light during a recent Sunday dose of condescension being doled out on the talking head shows. The target, as has been the case for longer than they thought possible, was The Donald, specifically a rally in Biloxi, MS.

Which they pronounced "Beh-LOCKS-see" which anyone who knows much of anything round these parts knows is actually "Buh-LUCKS-see." If approached on this the pundits' reaction would be "so what--a rose and a name and really, that's not the point."

But it IS the point. If you are actually going to get your message across you need to speak the language your audience understands. You have to be relatable. You don't come in as a carpetbagger with utter disregard and then try to convince folks how confused and just plain wrong they are. That won't play in Peoria.

How would they react to someone who goes to upstate NY and pronounces "Newark" like they do in NJ or DE (they are all pronounced differently) or goes to the NY state capital and pronounces Albany like you would in SW Georgia? Or head west out of Detroit and pronounce Novi know-vee?  Would these haughty pundits really take direction from someone who seems so clueless about where they are? Yet they'll tell you it doesn't really matter how you pronounce Biloxi or whether or not folks living there like the way they say it.

And maybe that is true, but if you're going to lecture folks in what you consider the hinterlands you'll get more traction if you actually learn how to pronounce their home town. When you don't about all you really convey is your arrogant disregard for anyone in any place but  your own.