Thursday, January 5, 2017

How Can They Do This?

Remember back in the day when Brewster's first came to town? The franchise owner plopped down the standard Brewster's Building all red and modern with a pre-build aspect to it. The locals were so angry they pulled out their metaphorical pitchforks and axes forcing a Williamsburg makeover with brick veneer and a faux mansard roof. Oh, and beige. Lots of beige. Now it is a burger joint with a deck out front that looks like dock on Lake Lanier washed up in the parking lot.

But it fits the mandatory Williamsburg of the Village Overlay.

Then there is this:

That's right. Painted brick. Not painted beige, painted white. And the bad actor is right beside an office that still respects All Things Dunwoody.

And in case you thought that was white siding, not unusual in DaVille here's a closer look:

Light the torches and break out the pitchforks!