Monday, January 23, 2017

Putting The "A" In CCRPI

To the casual observer the Guv appears to be right--many of our schools do suck. In fact, they suck even more this year than last.

But opponents will not stand idly by. The AJC reports on a report from an Assistant Professor in UGA's College of Education who looked at three other states finding them less harsh in evaluating their schools than Georgia is of hers. That the AJC mentions only three indicates that only three states even make such assessments (explaining the sad state of US education in global terms) or someone somewhere along the line may be cherry picking.

Now there are gut rumbles from the Legislature indicating once again that for education their motto is "When all else fails, lower your standards" and they appear poised to do just that in an effort to cover up a failed system.

You can probably guess where they're going to put that "A."