Thursday, January 26, 2017

Guest Post : The Mitzvah And The Mensch

The relates to a recent event in Dunwoody. It is presented in its entirety [changed only for anonymity] but without further comment or context.

Last June/July, before I got sick, one really hot day, I took bottles of water down to the trash pickup crew.

Today, I figured out if I took my time, I could get down to the street using my walker, then fold the walker up, place it on top of the empty cans and roll back up the driveway slowly.

I had done round 1 with the recycling can and the mail when the trash truck came down the street. They were at the [end of the cul de sac] when I folded up the walker to start back up the hill. The truck stopped a second time in front of our house. The same crew from the summer. They stopped the truck, and one of the guys off the back insisted on pulling the empty can up the driveway for me. I shook his hand and then the driver rolled down the window and told me "God bless."

It is a very simple thing, but it's made me cry.

There are still people out there who just want to do something good.

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