Saturday, April 2, 2016

We Interrupt Our Regular Programming For Broken News

That a part of DeKalb County government that does a pretty good job pretty much anywhere else is an Epic FAIL here is nothing new and usually not very noteworthy. Equally unsurprising is that the water main under Chamblee Dunwoody between the two ends of Harris Circle has failed. Again. As it does every 8-9 to months.
Saturday after Friday's April Fool's repair
In order to effect this temporary repair it is necessary to close a valve near Roberts and to relieve pressure by opening fire hydrants down stream of the repair. See?

Pressure relief valve
It is also not uncommon to relieve pressure on the repair for several hours. It is significantly less common to continue the water waste for a day. So uncommon that one of The Other Dunwoody approached the fine ladies and gentlemen of Fire Station 12 on Roberts to inform them of the open hydrant and lowered pressure as that might be of concern given their line of business. It was also suggested there might be a reason for Water Works to leave the hydrant flowing so they indicated they would check on the situation.

As of Saturday afternoon the hydrant looks like this

It just keeps pouring down the storm drains