Monday, April 25, 2016

Making The Streetcar Succeed

Recent uncomfortable news about the Streetcar Named Expire is unflattering to the operation, the operators and the aficionados supporting it. They claim a ridership far below original projects and at the same time can only account for $0.50 per rider in revenue. Keep in mind that the fare is $1.00.

This discrepancy calls into question the veracity and integrity of everyone even remotely associated with this hundred million dollar boondoggle. Yet there are calls to expand this literal train wreck many times over throughout the city. Proponents tout the economic benefit glossing over the fact that many projects they attribute to the streetcar were started before the first track was laid. They also talk about reconnecting neighborhoods bifurcated by the evil cars and their downtown connector--another brain-dead idea brought to reality. But truth often maintains a safe distance from agenda driven self-interests.

But all is not lost. There is an excellent location for a streetcar operation--Hartsfield between the MARTA station and the International Concourse. There is a screaming need for efficacious transportation between these two endpoints, no intermediate stops required. Now a monorail would be nicer, but the trend du jour is named "street car." Let's just do it where it makes some sense.