Thursday, April 21, 2016

Crash Course

Pull up the pants--it's too late to save the shoes.

It's getting deep out there in EduLand. Mother Meria is quoted by the AJC as saying:
"We have kids coming all the way through the system, and they are still reading at a fourth-grade level and they are in the 11th grade."
No surprises there. We bump into these folks every day. But then she squizzes out a big floater:
"It is amazing we are graduating students with this kind of lift that has to happen to get them to graduation.”
Damn right it is "amazing." In fact it is absolutely unbelievable. As in "we do not believe it." If her Willy Wonka Candy Factory of Education can wave a magic wand moving a student up 8 grade levels in reading in one year while facing senioritis then why doesn't she perform this magic in the 10th grade? Or earlier? Or maybe we can fire all the K-11 teachers.

Carstarphen fools no one. She is not uplifting these kids to get them to a level worthy of graduation, she is dropping the bar to a level a fourth grader can easily clear. Many of these students waving an APS diploma have not earned one with attendance let alone learning. And the few teacher-proof kids who actually learn something along the way have a worthless diploma too.