Monday, March 14, 2016

Official Shadow Government

"I read it on the internet" is a running joke loosely translating to "you cannot believe a word of it." Not so with legitimate journalism. How can we be so certain? Just ask any legitimate journalist--they'll tell you. The Dunwoody Fan Rag, our local font of legitimate journalism, has exposed Dunwoody's Shadow Government--the Dunwoody Homeowners Association. It is revealed in a recent front page article with this headline:

But not how you might imagine. The exposure resulted when the article, as one of such magnitude must, is split and continued further into the rag.

"page 9" is miraculously correct

And lest you think that was just a front page screwup, the article continues with:

"page 3" however is not

How could anyone in legitimate media get it wrong twice? They can't--they're just that good. So the only reasonable conclusion is that "the Council" is just code-word for "the DHA."