Thursday, March 24, 2016

Everything But Teach

On WABE's "A Closer Look" Mother Meria revealed that she has decided it is time for her public schools to provide three meals a day, adding breakfast to existing lunch and dinner programs. Based on a survey. Historically the smokescreen for all this is "children cannot learn on an empty stomach" which seems reasonable enough. However it is interesting that our public schools seem to be magnets for the impoverished suffering from "food insecurity" -- remember that no one is starving in the United States. APS does such a good job gathering up this demographic that it is clearly what they do best and yet in moments of critical thinking some must wonder if the metric is broken or being manipulated.

But a full belly is only part of the equation. Tired and sleepy children are not adequately prepared for the excellence of the APS learning experience. What Mother Meria will be forced to recognized is that APS must provide three hots, a cot and a place to squat. Next, when she addresses their right to Cable TV APS will have fulfilled its societal obligation to prepare Atlanta's children for the future awaiting them.