Monday, March 21, 2016

Pathways To Destruction

Or is it a bike path? Or perhaps a multi-use trail.

The Brook Run Theatre building seems quite the tempest in a teapot. Should we keep it? Should we fix it up? Should we tear it down? The latest call from Council is for an estimate on razing the structure in the hopes we never speak of it again. But it could be folks writing their names in the proverbial snow, some kind of "my way is cheaper than your way."

What is interesting is the pro-rebuild crowd, who have offered estimates for this fixer-upper, are clearly positioned in support of Theatre in Dunwoody and would prefer a better facility.

Maybe what the anti-Brookrun-Theatre crowd should do is drop "Brookrun" and fess up to simply being anti-Theatre. It is not THAT unreasonable to question whether Dunwoody should be in any theatre business other than the theatre of the absurd down at City Hall.

Or maybe they are just aligning themselves with our Shadow Government favoring development at Perimeter in the hopes that big developers will favor them.