Monday, April 15, 2013

We Were All Wrong*

Many folk in the Wood of Dun believed the reason behind the airstrip being installed in Brook Run was an incestuous circle of greed based on grants, gratuities and patronage. They are soooo wrong. Well, not soooo wrong, but wrong.

There were a few folk down to the farmhouse who suspected it was designed for a two-lane golf cart roadway so we can be "just like Peachtree City" but without the contemporary architecture. This was supported by the recent trend of fining golf cart drivers who step out of line and this reasoning aligns well with the Preemptive Alarm System Fines and expands the Toll Troll territory.

Wrong again. Turns out this patch of pavement in paradise is for Dunwoody's brand spanking new tank. Gotta have a track for the boys newest toy.

And we can expect our resident jarhead to do his very best Dukakis imitation, tooling through the park conjuring images of 'Nam after Agent Orange had done its evil business. Doesn't that G-4 sound just like a Skyhawk? And that Huey only looks like a traffic copter.

Ah, the smell of Napalm in the morning.

* Double entendre intended.