Monday, April 8, 2013

Phi Slamma Jamma

No, this is not about tonight's decisive game of the final four, now the final two, this is about the trifecta pulled off by Dunwoody's Police Chief.

As predicted on this blog the Chief got his pre-emptive fines[1] on businesses and the bill designed to make him look spectacular will become law. He has already received public accolades for his part in lobbying on behalf of that legislation.

But tonight is the real party where ribbon and bow get tied around the package--the selection of a FARA approved for-profit company to "administer" the fines generated by the alarm ordinance.

Now there are cynics out there who claim this is nothing but a FARA promoted operation to expand their scope and grow profit opportunities for member companies and jurisdictions. This is hard to verify because FARA is something of a secret society. You cannot access their membership list without first becoming a member, paying the dues and learning the secret handshake. While it is very likely that FARA scripts talking points and does their fair share of lobbying at all levels, this should not take away from the Chief's accomplishment. A good script underpins every award winning performance, but many actors play the role without collecting the gold. This cannot be said of our Chief.

So hat's off to the Dunwoody Chief of Police. Well played Grogey. Well played indeed.

[1] Call it what you will (refer to Lincoln's observation about the tail of the dog) but the City provides no meaningful and certainly no requested "service" for the alarm registration "fee". You might call it a tax but that would exempt the City from its presumption that folks with alarm systems are going to commit fine-able offenses.