Thursday, April 18, 2013

About Those Kids

In DeKalb and particularly in Dunwoody we are about to be inundated with public school propaganda for causes that are diametrically opposed. DeKalb Schools will want to maintain structural integrity--about the only integrity they have left--and Dunwoody will not rest until they have their own school system. Dunwoody may settle for a charter cluster but many in the 'Wood will consider that "kissin' yer sister."

What both campaigns will have in common is the stated basis for their plan...for their actions: it's all about the kids. So from the outset let's get clear on that issue. It is indeed about the kids, but make no mistake this is not for the kids. The kids are mere conveyances, walking STDs with $10,000 in government funds in their hands ripe for the taking. If either group can get their hands on that money without actually educating children then that is what they will do. In fact they've built a sophisticated system around that very premise. It's called "public education".

Since neither group is proposing a fee for services structure all you need to do is ignore the blather about the kids and watch the money. Therein lies the truth.