Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Up In Arms

Not since pre-war Germany have we witnessed such a significant amassing of weapons to be turned inward as we see in America today. With the recent acquisitions of a police robot and an armored vehicle Dunwoody has shown itself a willing participant in this anti-American arms race.

And this isn't just about the insidious influence of grants or that purchase price is far from total cost of ownership. It really isn't about the money. It's about a City that thinks so little of their citizens that they willingly build a paramilitary force to use against them. And make no mistake, this isn't about the boogey man--those mysterious "bad guys" warned of on the lawn signs applauding the creation of the Dunwoody PD--despite the fact this is exactly how it is justified.

Compounding the error caused by lack of need is the flagrant lack of competence displayed in the all but forgotten double homicide, the negligence in the home fire that cost a life, the bungling of the Sneiderman murder investigation and a policy that deems a traffic violation a capital offense. These are people, with the assistance of the SWAT team they so adore, who failed to cover the rear exit when attempting to apprehend a suspect, a suspect who not only escaped but hasn't been seen since. Whether the failure is of leadership or boots on the ground these bunglers have no business with access to paramilitary fire power.

For the citizens of Dunwoody this is a call to arms, to a battle to be fought not with bullets but with ballots. Not a single person who voted for this should be returned to office and those who replace them should come with a commitment to turn out those at City Hall who have pursued this travesty.