Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sex Trade In Dunwoody

The title got your attention, didn't it?

WTF is wrong with you people? Two posts from many, many moons ago see continual traffic from the rather disturbing group of folks that seem to find this site via search engines. What is disturbing is they seem most interested in searching for "boobs" and the "f-bomb" right here in Dunwoody.

One post, a perennial favorite, has the keyword "boobs" in the title. This turns out to be the third or fourth definition of that word, to wit "the boobs down at City Hall doing an end-around the constitution to ensure there are not now and never will be any naked female breasts in these here parts. What is really funny is that there is a post that links to a video of courageous women baring their breasts for the "greater good". This post gets no traffic whatsoever. It must not show up in searches for "boobs in Dunwoody".

There also seems to be a rather childish obsession with the F-bomb. One can only imagine giggly readers ROFL-ing over the STFU diatribe regarding DeKalb County Schools. Yet there is another post with serious game changing suggestions that like the aforementioned "greater good" post has seen no traffic in over a year.  Maybe the Convention and Visitors Bureau should be concerned about the number of Google searches for "Eff-ing Dunwoody" instead of "Smart City".

So, to ensure that seekers of the sex trade in Dunwoody get the real story, "boobs" will be one of the labels on this post. It is up to the reader to disambiguate and determine if it is relates to the content of the post or the silliness of the seeker.