Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mo' Betta Dunwoody

Recently The Other Dunwoody has seen a resurgence of interest in More Dunwoody Than You which can be attributed to a reference in another blog's post. A blog folks actually read. That post seems related to observations of a Dunwoody schism betwixt Old Farts Who Will Not Change and Young Folks Too Busy To Care.

Some think this is a problem to be solved. Perhaps. But it is also the kind of problem that will resolve itself if the Young Folks can marshal the patience to relax to a solution.

As nature takes its course the Old Farts will predecease the Young Folks. Before that it is very likely the Old Farts will simply leave, moving on to a better place while remaining amongst the living. There are many such places. All the while the Young Folks will become the next Old Fart cohort. Then these neo-Old Farts will start bitching about the next round of youngsters who want to change everything just when they got things about they way they like it.