Monday, May 15, 2017

Home Wine Delivery

Hot on the heals of City Hall working aggressively to ensure that a Friend of the Family exercise emporium can likker up exhausted electrolyte depleted patrons we now find they are leveraging their "don't ask, don't tell" policy in support of home delivery of fine wines.

See Truck. See Sign. See Truck Go.
After all this IS Dunwoody, founded on the Three P's: Parks, Paving and most importantly POLICE. Certainly our ever-growing Police force would be enforcing a no-truck zone as those trucks also tear up the Pavement. Stopping in, between international trips, our chief concluded "the speeding and/or truck problem appears to be sporadic" so they're just not going to enforce in that area. Sadly that may mean that wine is not being delivered in DaVille and this is just another "sporadic" thru-truck. Just another "hear no evil, see no evil, fix no evil" from a City Hall that puts any business before every citizen.