Monday, May 1, 2017

Squeaky Wheels

Code enforcement has been run "on complaint" since day one and folks at City Hall have been very open about it. Of course this should be like honey attracting flies* but it turns out it is just a honeypot.  It serves little purpose other than getting whiners and complainers to self-identify with the shakers and movers with increasingly little done with regards to actually enforcing our local codes. Ironically this seems to be as bad in the Village, with its much ballyhooed Village Overlay District as it is in other areas in Dunwoody.

Apparently some on Council like it that way.

One, most noted for undermining rule of law by publicly stating that the City will not enforce certain ordinances by employing a don't-ask-don't-tell policy seems opposed to enforcement of sign ordinances in the Village. This individual admits to confusion but seems unaware that others are not so afflicted. All the more unbelievable as the Blue Bag Rag tells us that the soon-departing head of code enforcement saw the job as education and not just for citizens but "code enforcement program educated city leaders" as well. Seems to have skipped the business community. But as it turns out the DVO ordinances are not only written in plain english but for the less than literate there are pictures. Finding "confusion" in Subsection (f) is baffling to the point that one must consider that the pretense of confusion is a deflective ruse. Perhaps Dunwoody has too many folk on Staff and Council who see local business as their primary constituents and are more beholden to them than the citizens and voters. On this point there is no doubt serious, potentially harmful "confusion" that needs to be addressed.

*Studies show that vinegar is a better fly attractant than honey as vinegar is associated with rotting fruit.