Monday, July 4, 2016

Tax Increase Gets Unanimous Support

At least there is unanimous support from the Mayor and Council who get to play around with the extra money. There was some political posturing suggesting some on Council are still uncomfortable in the role of bending you over the barrel, perhaps remembering when DeKalb did it to them. The usual excuses were trotted out:
  • Let's not talk about the Tax Increase, let's talk about the millage rate
  • The millage rate is the same as when we started the City
  • Look at the Consumer Price Index over the last few years
  • You spend more on your swim and tennis membership than City Taxes
  • If we did drop the rate you wouldn't save enough to even notice
  • Look at your bill--County and Schools are much larger--you should bitch at them first
Doesn't all this sound familiar?