Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mizz Dunwoody Embraces TOD

Mizz Dunwoody should embrace TOD. In fact she should fall madly, passionately in love with TOD.

No. No. Not this TOD. The other TOD: Transit Oriented Development.

Transit Oriented Development is the Love Child of the hipster "Live-Work-Play!" and Greedy Developer. Live-Work-Play! is as sexy as Scarlett Johansen and as bright as Gracie Allen making her a perfect mate for Greedy Developer. While Li'l TOD is blessed with his daddy's looks and his mama's brains he's part of a supportive team comprising his cousin, Millennials, and his rich uncle, Olde Farts.

The religious doctrine of this tribe is founded on the belief that no-one wants to drive as the faithful prefer instead to Walk, Work, Play.  For this to succeed the WWP-ers have to live within walking distance of Work-Play or public transit that will get them there. The latter, public transit, has come to the forefront because Live-Work-Play! couldn't bring home the bacon and whilst TOD may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, he's new and shiny.

This won't be easy for Mizz Dunwoody. After all, at first glance TOD is less than attractive, but true love is deeper than mere appearances. And remember, Mizz Dunwoody is in love with TOD, not Greedy Developer so when embracing TOD her focus is exclusively on TOD. And what does that mean? Well for one thing it means embracing a pedestrian life, a Gilligan's Island fantasy land where there are no motorcars (you get to keep your lights and phones). None. Nada. In accepting this, in promoting this lifestyle Mizz Dunwoody will have to put her foot down. No cars means no parking spaces. Hard. Stop.

Now Greedy Developer will not like this because deep down inside he doesn't like TOD and he doesn't believe in TOD. He just thinks that others do and that they will help him score his next Greedy Development. So when Greedy Developer comes to Mizz Dunwoody with his plans she should OK any building height he wants and any purpose that suits his fancy but where she must draw the line is parking--there can be zero tolerance for any parking spaces whatsoever lest it irreparably damage the good name of TOD.