Thursday, June 16, 2016

TAD: Not Worth The Trouble

The wanna-be Doraville Developer is refusing to answer DCSD's questions regarding the Developer's insistence that our school system participate in a TAD thereby blocking the DCSD Staff's efforts at due diligence. Wonder what the Developer has to hide? You should.

Developer is insisting on a public presentation replete with Power Points, promises and political grandstanding. Yet thru a mouthpiece Developer is already hedging claiming Developer "(has) requested, on multiple occasions, the opportunity to make a formal, public presentation to the district, in which virtually all the questions you asked in your letter would be answered." As it turns out virtually separates itself cleanly from real and over time becomes totally distinct from actuality. And in business, when a company makes similar requests a refusal to answer questions is called non-responsive. When you're non-responsive you do not get to the next step.

So if this effort, this TAD, is not worth Developer's time to answer DCSD questions then it really is not that important, is it?