Thursday, July 28, 2016

Which Dunwoody... you live in?

Do you live in Millennialopolis? You know over by construction junction where Greedy Developers are building apartments to handle the Millennial Invasion? Those would be the ten percenters as the remaining Millennials are unemployed and living with relatives or so under employed they cannot afford high-rise living.

Walkerton? Are you going to move there? That's right, across from the butt-side of a dingy Post Office where equally Greedy Developers have abandoned the impoverished Millennials in favour of the more well-endowed Olde Farts.

Or are you in Normanville? That Rockwellian dreamscape where all kids are into sports, especially baseball in which they all excel. The one where the anti-thespians have beaten down opposition to another field of dreams that is inconveniently situated beneath a theatre.

You might expect to find out what kind of Dunwoody you now live in,or could hope to live in someday soon by checking in at City Hall. You'd be wrong because they haven't a clue.