Monday, April 20, 2015

No Kidding

You've probably heard that Georgia's House of Representatives Majority Leader has resigned his post and his elected office to take an appointment as the administrative law judge of the Georgia Tax Tribunal. Governor Deal made the appointment on Thursday last week. Of course this opening gives the voters of his district the opportunity to elect his replacement. While there have been no formal announcements we in The Other Dunwoody have it on good authority that a surprise candidate will be vying for the slot: our very own Snow White, Nancy Jester.

A soon-to-be former confidant with insider knowledge says something like this has been part of the plan all along and that such an opportunity came sooner rather than later is merely a happy coincidence. Not entirely a surprise as our soon-to-be former County Commissioner had inside information of the upcoming changes in the lower house as it evolved. When asked if this were an office where she would complete an entire term (if elected but we all know she will be) the confidant was circumspect: "Keeping in mind this opportunity arose suddenly who is to say another, higher office might present itself or when that might happen?" "We knew all along that Ms. Jester's political ambitions would not long be satisfied with an office restricted to the County level--it's just not in the cards."

And the timing could not be more fortuitous for the Jesters. Her failure to live up to her campaign obligation of cleaning the House that Boyer Built was harshly exposed when her (and Miz Elaine's) Chief of Staff was bookended between verbal pugilism with an Ethics Board member and a felony indictment related to actions taken in his official capacity. It isn't clear if her preferred Chief of Staff will tag along as she moves onward and upward or whether he will be otherwise occupied. This opportunity also allows her husband, a DeKalb School Board Member, to advance to the rear without the ignominy of appearing to back down in his fight against what he sees as a draconian background check.

Apparently site selection has begun with houses in and near Perry making the short list and Houston Lake homes quickly becoming top contenders. The search for a selling agent is rumored to be underway but for all the interested agents out there the window of opportunity is closing. And this is more than just another stepping stone for an ambitious politician, this is a lifestyle upgrade. Schools could hardly be worse than in DeKalb and given their insider knowledge the Jesters would know more than most. Same for the operations of this dysfunctional county. While some have criticized the move as running away from problems they helped create and that it is unseemly as newcomers to Perry to take this position from natives, supporters point out that the Jesters weren't born and raised in Dunwoody either. They also point out that problems in DeKalb pre-date their entry into the state let alone politics and the fixes they have advocated take significantly more time than circumstances have allowed. They also point out that Miz Jester will bring her Tea Party sensibilities to a larger stage where she can bring her political leadership to a broader audience.