Monday, April 13, 2015

Cheap Jeans

Dunwoody is not widely known as a location for thrifty shoppers. Not only is The Mall a pretty expensive place to shop and dine, we made damn sure there would never be a Goodwill store within our borders. So where does one go for reasonably priced knock-about jeans?

Well, this won't be another grumpy rant about how Dunwoody is lacking whatever service or facility is most appealing at the moment, be it biking, balling, skeet or skating. Nope, TOD has found a source for jeans priced below $20 a pair. Not just in daWood but in daVille.

These are not just any jean, these are painter's pants complete with the hammer loops (who paints with a hammer?) and those nifty thigh-holster cellphone pockets. And these are not cheaply made items that fall to pieces after the third wash. No sir. These are work pants. Dickies. Being work pants they are not only durable, they come in "worker sizes" and a "comfort fit," suitable for folks of a certain gravitas. And if you've got the build for it, they are available in shorts. If you don't have such a build, please spare us.

So where da hell in daVille do you get your mitts on these <$20 jewels? Well, they ARE painter's pants. That's right, you can pick these bad boys up at our recently opened Sherwin Williams paint store. Rush on over before they're all gone.

Oh, they sell paint too.