Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dead Letter

Do you have email? Of course you do. If your laptop or smartphone is stolen do you lose all your emails? Of course you don't.

Why not?

Because this is the 21st century. These days it is only a copy of an email that is stored on your computer if it is even stored there at all. How can you tell? It's easy. Can you get to your inbox from a computer AND your smartphone? Can you access your email from a library computer? Of course you can. That's because all your emails are stored on an email server somewhere way over on the other side of the internet. And backed up.

That's the way things work in the 21st century.

The IRS doesn't want you to know this. The IRS wants you to believe that all their executives' emails are stored in only one place. On their laptop hard drives. And they want you to believe there are no other copies and no backups. And they want you to believe they lost a large number of emails that pose a very real threat to their  bureaucracy.

Do you believe?