Monday, June 30, 2014

Somethin' 'Bout A Cat

This is another in our impromptu series of guest posts. This comes from a neighborhood dog.
tux is a cat. i am a dog. tux is black and white. mostly black. i am not.

i like cats. when i was a puppy i lived on my own. except for cats. i hunted with cats. we shared our food.

tux hunts. i do not. i am old. my mom feeds me now.

i liked tux when we met. i still do. we would schmietzel. a little butt sniff. mostly me. a little snuggling. tux would roll on his back. i would poke his nose with mine. he would swat me. i love that game.

tux died the other night. coyotes got him.

there was something about tux. i miss him. so much.