Monday, January 20, 2014

Socialism To Fail In US

Folks in favour of moving the United States more towards a Socialistic Society implemented and controlled by the federal government often point to some successful socialistic countries claiming "if they can do it so can we." What they neglect to point out is why these other countries succeed whilst we will most certainly fail.

These proponents of socialism in the US envision a simplistic yet dogmatic plan based on central government authority with its legislation and bureaucratic structures. They seem to believe that socialism by law along with adequate penalties and rigorous enforcement is all that is required for success. If that doesn't work they'll simply buy support.

What they don't understand is that where socialism works it is less a product of executive fiat and more a product of the national culture. In short socialism works in cultures where people work because the society itself enforces an equitable, bilateral social contract between the individuals in the society and the greater society of which they are an active, participating part. These cultures do provide an extensive support structure for individuals but in return require that all individuals maintain and enhance their status as contributors. No one is just a taker any more than anyone is just a maker. In a successful socialistic society you would never see anything faintly resembling the poster above and no one would ever brag about their utter dependency or seek to expand it.

A significant portion of American society is epitomized by this poster and it is a fair representation of the core mission of a major political party. This politicization is surely depressing to those who sincerely admire successful socialism as it all but guarantees failure. They understand that until posters like this and the thinking behind them is as socially UNacceptable as farting in church socialism in America will remain no more than a passing fad.

Ironically those who most ardently oppose socialism find it hardest to do the one thing to ensure that failure--give socialism's proponents everything. Except an excuse.