Thursday, January 23, 2014

Core Dumped

The AJC recently reported on the vetting of State School Superintendent wannabes by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. It should come as no surprise that the Chamber is a proponent of Common Core (or any reasonable, objective standards for that matter) as they pay the bulk of school taxes only to pay an even higher price as what few graduates Georgia Public schools produces are woefully incompetent.

All but two candidates Charlie McCarthy-ed the party line parroting the evils of Common Core. One brave soul, never to be heard from again, came out in favour of Common Core. Only one standout seems to have left the Clue Store with a purchase. He observed that it doesn't matter what he or anyone else thinks of Common Core nor does it matter what the truth of Common Core really is because Common Core is DOA. Politically it is toxic waste. He seems to be the only candidate with a reasonable grasp of the situation. Perhaps he even understands the job he's after is more about diplomacy than authority.

Many of the candidates vying for the State position were quick to join in on throwing Common Core overboard but in so doing they have sailed directly into the political horse latitudes. If not for being against Common Core then what other winds fill their sails?

Some tout "local control" but how do you position yourself for a STATEWIDE office on that? Do you propose to shut down the State level office which is already pretty impotent or are we soon to engage in semantic gymnastics and re-definitions of "local"? How do you reconcile ardent support of new schools for new cities while seeking what you otherwise suggest is a powerful statewide position? Some talk vaguely about putting more money into the classroom and are either ignorant about the position or believe the voters are. If they are public school insiders then they may have good reason to believe the latter but are probably blessed with too much self-esteem to entertain the former. If they are outsiders then perhaps they are just politically savvy which may be all it takes to win.

It looks as if this race may offer some entertainment value but little else.