Monday, January 13, 2014

Most Expensive Rental Property In America

You fly Delta don't you? Sure you do. So you must be aware of "Economy Comfort". If not this is where Delta charges you a premium for what might be as much as four (4) inches of additional leg room in coach. Allegedly this runs as little as $9.00 per leg. Now if you assume a three hour flight and the maximum seat width that Delta offers of 18.5 inches you are renting a little over one half of one square foot at a rate of $5.84 per square foot per hour.

Now compare this to a nicely sized 800 square foot apartment in a nice section of town that rents for a thousand dollars ($1000.00) per month. Not a super-high-rent district but not bad. In this case you are paying approximately 0.17 cents per square foot per hour. Double the rate and you are still below one half of a cent per square foot per hour.


No wonder Delta is scared witless about the prospect of even a piddling Paulding airport. With even the slightest competition they might be forced to offer value and service.