Friday, February 17, 2012

Orwellian Education

Georgia "educators" have won their battle against accountability and will do better than merely return to the opacity of the former status quo. The will begin by replacing the NCLB Pass/Fail designations with a system that institutionalizes their self-congratulatory inclinations.

Some have described the new labeling system as "warm and fuzzy" and the enthusiastic embrace by "educators" is sickeningly sweet:
"These new labels, I think,  are going to be great" 
Really?!? YOU think? But this is followed by:
"they're going to get us away from pass or fail"
Well, you certainly got that right, because what "educators" want to see is a system of "pass" and "pass", where "pass" means whatever the hell they want it to mean.

But since the new labels are not only malleable but intentionally obfuscating, let's ensure we have a clear set of "taxpayer" definitions that not only speak the truth, but expose the hypocrisy of a system that takes credit for others' hard work while hiding their own failures. These are the "educators'" new school labels:
  • REWARD (Educators take all the credit) -- This signifies a school with a statistically unlikely aggregation of "Teacher-Proof" students often correlating with a large concentration of Asian families. Teachers and principals rejoice as they will burnish their reputations on the accomplishments of hardworking students and the parents that motivate them. Only the toadiest of sycophants are allowed to work in these increasingly rare schools.
  • FOCUS (Educators take credit where it makes them look good, avoiding responsibility where it doesn't) -- These are often associated with what few middle class neighborhoods remain that can still offer "student outliers" for the "educators" to trot out at the appropriate times and places so as to take credit for their hard work. These schools are often the proving ground for aspiring toadies and the well connected "educators".
  • PRIORITY (Educators blame parent(s)) -- These are schools formerly labeled as FAILING. These are your regular run of the mill, prison preparatory programs littering the landscape of Georgia education. This is where disenfranchised "educators", often with the wrong friends and from an undesirable family, are sent to retire on the job.
  • ALERT (Educators blame society, parents and government) -- FAILED. Simple, abject, complete failure. No dead-cat bounce. No hope of recovery. This is what makes many a Georgian look forward to the day they can proudly proclaim to be from Georgia. "Educators" found in these schools are on the system's "de-hire" career path.
Keep this handy so you can translate from the finely crafted orwellian blather about to spew from the mouths of "educators" into what this really means for you, your child and your taxes.