Saturday, February 4, 2012

Al's Park Progressing Nicely

Al's Park is coming along nicely. As can be seen below, the pool walls are up and need only a few weeks curing before some serious "wet work" begins.

We're also seeing the beginnings of hardscaping that will enhance the curb appeal along the main thoroughfare (dare we call it a "parkway"?)  fronting the park.

The use of landscaping timbers resonates with the intended faux au naturale design of Al's park. It will also solve a long standing mystery as the installation of the wall provides some explanation for the "fire hydrant in the sky" that has stood tall and proud above the sidewalk for years.

A member of Council reportedly stopped by to update Al on the status of bidding on the work to complete the bath house, install the moon lighting and the security system. There is also a commitment, perhaps to be immortalized in writing, to ensure that these systems remain operational, unlike the nearby radar speed sign that has been out of service for six months.

It was previously mentioned that Al could not be happier. That has proven incorrect. Upon seeing the real progress and getting the update on "Works In Process", Al was so thrilled he nearly peed his pants.