Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Calling BS on Education

Every so often the blather coming from the mouths of the so-called authorities running public education becomes so odious you just have to call "Bullshit". Given the recent AJC headline "Many grads not college-ready" it may just be time to call out Education Colleges and the incompetents they pump out who then pose  as "qualified educators".

Data show that twenty-two percent of the high schools students these "educators" in our public schools consider qualified and eligible for their highest academic award--a diploma--require remediation upon entering college. One can only wonder about those graduates who don't bother to apply to college and how profoundly ignorant they are.

And what does the Georgia Department of Education have to say about all this? Well, Martha Reichrath, deputy superintendent of the DoE, while acknowledging that public schools must improve, blames others saying "we can't ignore that we have classroom teachers who didn't receive the content training they needed in college to teach students the material."

Absolutely gobstopping.

What does this say? That high school graduates were accepted into college education programs when these students did not even know what they were supposed to learn in high school? That further, they acquired a college degree without attaining knowledge at the high school level? That they are so severely crippled by ignorance of the content and incapable as educators that they cannot translate spoon-fed curricula into lesson plans? And yet schools and the state accept these bogus college credentials towards jobs for which they are obviously unqualified as they have demonstrated they can neither learn nor teach.

This casts a new light (or shadow) on the hyphenated degree programs that Colleges of Education have lapsed into, especially those in Math and the hard sciences. It can only be concluded that the separator is not in fact a "hyphen" but is instead an arithmetic operator, that of subtraction, such that a "math-education" major does not achieve competence in math augmented with additional understanding of the teaching discipline. Instead we have a program that takes mathematical rigor and replaces it with "learning concepts". One that substitutes the pop education psycho-babble of the day for analytical reasoning and that pushes aside discipline in favor of indoctrination. One that takes the hard work required to master difficult subjects and substitutes the same kind of "self-esteem A's" these young teaching prodigies are expected to award in their classrooms.

So we end up with soon-to-be classroom teachers with no core competency in their specialty who are such weak learners and educators that they cannot even teach themselves. And do we remit these failures to remediation? Of course not. We give them a diploma, a pat on the back and what has now been exposed as an overpaid job on the public dole.

We've known for decades that these "education" degrees were worthless in the real world. Now our state's education leaders claim they are equally worthless in realm of public education.