Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dunwoody Organ Out of Tune

It is not surprising that it took a violin teacher to point this out.

In the event you are new to Dunwoody there have been fewer issues more contentious than individuals providing private music lessons in their homes. You might also be unaware that musicians are generally what we mere mortals consider "perfectionists". They have to be. See, if you blow five percent of the notes in a thousand note piece you'll get boo-ed off the stage, and rightly so. In any other area of endeavor ninety five percent correct is considered a solid A.

What we've seen recently is these two worlds colliding.

The teacher, wanting to do the right thing and do it the right way, followed the procedure for obtaining a Special Land Use Permit (SLUP) for her home business. She did everything required, including posting notice in the Official Dunwoody Organ.

That's where things fell apart--based on performance to date, Dunwoody would be awarded a Gentleman's 'C' far from an eighty, let alone a ninety five. And it is by the City's own admission that the Official Organ is declared inadequate as this particular petition requires a county-wide notice. Sadly this tired old parlor pump organ we picked up from a deceased relative is not only out of tune it seems to be missing entire registers.

And what should happen now? Well, one frustrated citizen just got an object lesson in "layers of government" and we have learned once again that folks down at Smart City Hall didn't even read ordinances they wrote and voted into law.  There is one thing we can be certain of--that the City Organist will not replace the Official Organ.  Instead look for him to rewrite the score so we can continue to limp along with the decrepit old instrument of yesteryear. And everyone in the recital hall will applaud. They must all be deaf.